Bon Thai and Sushi Bar: Greenville, SC

Foodie beware: Groupon is just a marketplace (in most cases, not all) for struggling restaurants who are looking for an easy fix rather than addressing the real issue(s) head-on! If you see a restaurant offering 50% off through Groupon or one of the other 20 similar sites, no big deal but when you see the same restaurant on that site every single week, they have issues and please stay away! In other news, the sake was good (after we received something other than a pint glass).
Edamame has got to be one of the hardest things in the world to screw up, but for some reason I have encountered more restaurants in the Upstate that find it very easy to do. No salt and the inners are just floating in water making the whole impossible to eat. No snap or pop here, just soggy, under seasoned peas!
The tom yum goong was the best part to the whole evening. At some outrageous price for two bowls of soup with one lousy shrimp floating, it actually hit the spot and was spiced perfectly. I asked for one Thai hot and one to be just spicy and they nailed this part of the meal exactly. That is all I will say about that as I am trying to find one positive about this place.
Now for the biggest disappointment of the entire evening, the Panang Curry. The picture above doesn't even do justice on how disappointing this dish was. A dinner sized serving for $14 some odd dollars was literally three and a half spoon full's of actual curry. The beef was the fatty gristle part of the bottom round roast that most people would toss into the trash and was absolutely inedible! I asked my poor kid of a server who honestly had no clue what was happening to have the curry come out Thai hot just like the soup as it was spot on and I was told that he would have to check with the manager. My two year old son tried the curry and didn't think it was hot. Absolute train wreck on this dish.
The Wife wasn't feeling the Thai thing all that much so she opted for two of their sushi rolls. On a Thursday night at 5:30, we were honestly the only customers in the entire restaurant. We all had already received our food and the kids were already completed by the time the sushi arrived, 35 minutes later. As the server dude got closer and closer, we were overwhelmed by the foul odor of fish. I have never seen my wife turn away from sushi no matter the quality, but she actually left more than half of this on the table when we left. The seaweed wrap was so tough to chew that she had to spit it out on most pieces. Both rolls were covered inside and out with some house sauce that tasted like a smoked eel. Not good at all.

Bottom-line: You are better off testing your luck just about anywhere else but here. $95 later and I got nothing good to say other than the sake was delicious. They do however have some sort of lunch buffet that people seem to enjoy for a fair price, I just wish they wouldn't use all the left over's that have been man handled by 50 other people prior to being served for their over priced dinner food.
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