Old Hundred Grocery and Grill: Pelzer, SC

You truly do not realize that no matter where you are located in the Upstate, you are no more than a stone's throw away from the middle of nowhere. And Old Hundred Grocery and Grill is no exception. Only located about 5 minutes from our home and out in the middle of absolutely nowhere, we finally decided to make it over to Old Hundred for some well kept secret burgers following the Turkey Day gorge fest.
It's an old gas station, but still has active gas pumps flowing and filling up locals little red cans. You can still make the same purchases like beer and smokes as you would at any convenient store, but you may need to watch your step for others who are dining on some local, home-cooked meals. The entire inside has been transformed into a little restaurant at the intersection of BFE and where the hell am I!

We were greeted by some very friendly and eager staff that knew we had never been there before and simply asked us "why we waited so long". I didn't know what to say other than I would never let it happen again. She told us what was good and basically what to order, burgers and fries. So we did just that, with bacon of course. The kids food arrived first, which, if you have kids is a blessing and I wish more restaurants would do this. Talk about portions, huge portions, not just our burger baskets, but the kids meals as well. Our burgers reminded both the wife and I as to what we would have been served at a family BBQ. They were huge, fresh (I saw him hand press the burger before it went on the grill) and good. Now the wife and I differ a lot on this burger, but both agree on the place. She publicly admitted on Facebook that this was the single, hands down best burger she has had since moving from Minnesota 18 months ago (that kind of may or may not have upset some of our good restaurant friends in the area, we will never know). Me, it was good, nothing that I would go out of my way to order again as I've had better, but I have also had a lot worse. If burgers are not your thing, they have about anything and everything on the menu that you would expect at a local diner like this.

As for the restaurant itself, we will be back. This will more than likely turn into our new Friday night dinner spot that we have lacked since we broke-up with Rascals a few years ago (man I miss that place). Everything about this place just screams "WELCOME" and "WE WILL SEE YOU SOON". Speaking of Friday night, apparently they have some popular rib-eye steak night that gets people all hyped up for. In fact, our waitress was practically begging us to come back that very night and try it out and she guaranteed we would not be disappointed. Unfortunately we did not make it back last Friday, but we plan on it this Friday.

Bottom-line: This place is exactly what we have been searching for in a restaurant within 5 miles of our home. Never knew it existed until a few months ago. They are a word of mouth only type of place and 100% rely on their hundreds of loyal regulars. Once you have eaten here once, they will remember you the next time. Just plan a day of it, take the family out to the Happy Cow place and swing in to Old Hundred for some lunch this weekend (or breakfast as they have a huge breakfast offering). Heck, I probably will, breakfast and lunch.
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