Blue Moose: Pigeon Forge, TN

After visiting the Gatlinburg area for the second straight year, I was determined to find a half way decent restaurant that wasn't one of the 10,000 corporate chains or pancake houses that are plastered for miles in this area. Just as we had given up, we were on our way out of town heading back home and we stumbled upon Blue Moose Burgers and Wings and decided to give them a try.
We started with an order of O'Rings at the recommendation of our Gamecock Fan server!
"Big-Breaded Double-Dipped Onion Rings An onion ring is a beautiful thing. We take tender fresh onions and slice’em thin, then season and fry them just right. Served with Moose’s flavorful house-made sauce, these are objects of crispy handbattered beauty. $5.99"
We had mixed feelings on these as I loved that they were house made to order rather than frozen and the onion broke just like it was intended to, but the breading was just decent at best. Maybe a little too much seasoning that took away from them, but when dipped with the sauce, they served their purpose.
With the day being Sunday, it was $5.99 burger day all day. How can you pass on that deal, a half pound burger with any two topping of your liking plus fries or house chips. The wife went with bacon and guacamole (above) and I went with a slice of American cheese, slaw and bacon (below). Either we were really hung-over or these things actually were really good. The burger was nothing like I had expected, juicy, tender and flowing with actual flavor. The toppings were fresh and not some left over crap that had been sitting in a warmer for several days. Skip the fries as they are just some frozen average fry and go with the chips. These things were unbelievable minus a little less salt next time.
Bottom Line: I'm sure this area is flowing with fantastic small restaurants, but the fact of the matter is, you can't get anywhere without it taking 2 hours in a vehicle. The location of Blue Moose and the quality of the food is more than enough to keep us coming back for many more years to come. Next time you are in the area, give them a try and remember, Sundays are $5.99 burger day, all day long!

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