Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar: Greenville, SC

We've always seen Wasabi when we're driving around on Woodruff Road. It's hard not to see it, in fact, because that is many times the most congested area of that stretch and more often than not, you are just idling for many minutes right in front of it! One day we were kid-less (woo hoo!) and hungry so we stopped in to check it out.

They offer both sushi and hibachi. The entire back of the restaurant is all set up with many hibachi stations. It looked like it would be a fun thing to go do sometime as all the hibachi places we've been to are on a smaller scale. They also have a bar area to the left in the front as you walk in. The sushi counter is in the front on your right. There are quite a few tables as well as some counter space if you prefer.

We ordered some Gyoza to start us off and they were amazing. Served on a cute little boat, the sear on them was nice and crispy while the flavors of the stuffing were enhanced beautifully by the dipping sauce.

We then ordered a few rolls and a few pieces of Sashimi to fill our bellies. The hubby ordered the rolls, so I cannot be exactly sure what they all were. I know we enjoyed the East Garden Roll and the Spicy Crunchy Roll. As for the Sashimi, we had Tuna and Whitefish.  As you can see, the sushi is absolutely beautiful. The way they used the ingredients to make the colors pop on the plate was amazing. I had never seen pink seaweed wrap (middle row) and I was a bit nervous, but hey...it was pink. How bad could it be? In all honesty, it didn't have the crunch that Nori sometimes does and was much thinner in texture, but it was really quite good. In fact, this was probably up there in the top 5 sushi places on my list. They got points for freshness, points for creativity, points for presentation and points for taste. The whole package was fantastic. Even the sushi chef talked and joked with us about our meal which made the experience that much more fun.

I will definitely be going back to Wasabi for sushi and I really hope to try the hibachi some day as well.

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