Two Guys Pizza: Simpsonville, SC

We have been meaning to try Two Guys Pizza several times now. In fact, we went there once and it was closed so we ended up checking out their nearby neighbor, Pop's. I have to say, I almost wish we would have gone to Pop's again.

Pizza is a hard thing though, because everyone has different tastes. Thin crust, thick crust. Lots of sauce, little sauce. Topping choices. Cheese preferences. You name it, there are a million ways to get a pizza right (or wrong) depending on who is eating it. The hubby really liked this pizza. For me, it was pretty much inedible.

When you're talking about a cheap meal out with a family of 5, getting 1 Large pizza to share is the way to go. Pleasing everyone is the hard part. Usually we get full pepperoni, sausage on half. I go along with this because I will eat pepperoni. Sausage, I typically will not. But I am the adult and I can buck up and eat it or pick it off if I need to. This combo makes the rest of the family happy...and that is the name of my game as a Mom. (If it were up to me, I'd load that sucker up with veggies, but hey...as Mick Jagger says, "you can't always get what you want.").

I know pepperoni usually equals grease. And I am always prepared for that with my stack of napkins on the side, ready to blot. This pizza, however, was the greasiest I have EVER encountered in my 30-some years of life. Each slice was about a 6-napkin ordeal. Like I said earlier, the Hubby was in heaven. Bring on the grease! For me, it was unappetizing. He loved the sausage, I did not try it. The crust was initially pretty good, but after about 10 minutes, the grease began to permeate it and it became quite soggy. Overall I thought the pizza was really salty also. So for me, I barely could finish one piece. The Hubby and the kids did a pretty good job on the rest, so apparently I was the odd-(wo)man-out.

The kids loved having the big screen in the back room with cartoons on. The place was cute in an old dive restaurant kind of way. They had old cafeteria-style booths and tables which were kind of fun. I would go back and try it again if I could go with a veggie option. I would love to see how it would be without the massive amount of grease. The Hubby would go back again any time. They also offered hoagies, salads and calzones, so there are other options besides just the pizza. The service was just OK, but it is the type of restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring it out to you so you can't expect the world. My husband did have an encounter with the "Pizza Nazi" while returning to the counter for a refill. She isn't that bad or nearly as bad as a lot of folks make her out to be. He actually had a 2 minute conversation with her, but that is just my husband being him.

Overall it is nothing fancy, but that is part of the appeal. The pizza itself got mixed reviews from our family but it is still worth a shot. Like I said, I'd give it a second try as well. Everyone has different taste in pizza so you really never know how you're going to feel about it until you try it!

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  1. Enjoyed looking over the blog. Have a few places to add to the list.

    Best wings in the entire state are Moretti's near Simpsonville, technically in Mauldin. Guy moved from Buffalo and does them right. Lived in NY for ages, eaten a lot of wings, these are it for this area. Also, beef on weck and the fried fish on Fridays are killed.

    Taste of Thai is a great little Spartanburg Thai place. Not to be confused with Thai Taste. Just unbelievable Thai food. And they will blow your head off if you want, spicy wise that is. Right off 26.

    Cakehead Bakeshop in Spartanburg, inside the coffee shop across from the newspaper downtown. It's in the back. I'll probably be there, I can't stay away. Best bakery I've had in the state. Limited items and it changes daily, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

    Dying to try some of the joints I've learned about on here. SC isn't the best region for food, but there are some gems.

    1. JA, I owe you a beer and wings. Moretti's is a place I would have never stepped foot into mostly because of its location and not knowing a thing about them. Three visits later in one week and I am hooked. These are some of the best damn wings I have ever had.

  2. Forgot one, La Taverna in Spartanburg, best pizza in town that I've tried. Also has great pasta dishes and the homemade bread they serve before the meal is unbelievable.

    Which reminds me, avoid Moretti's pizza, not great.

  3. JA, Thanks for all the suggestions and Moretti's isn't that far away at all and a place I can take the whole family. This is one of those places that I would overlook and probably never stop at as these type of establishments are all a dime a dozen around here. I will have to give them a try as a good hot beef sandwich is unheard of down here and something I really miss about Minnesota.

    Taste of Thai is about the last Thai shop in Spartanburg that I haven't hit-up yet as I am obsessed with Sweet Basil Thai on Pelham, but will definitely be making a stop here as the weather turns cooler. I have heard a lot of people say they will make it spicy, but I have heard that before and was never impressed, but we will see.

    Cakehead is unbelievable and I think very comparable to The Chocolate Moose, both good, just depends where you are at that time of craving.

    Thanks again for the comments, and please don't be a stranger on future posts. Much appreciated JA.