Tasty Korean BBQ: Greenville, SC

Tasty Korean BBQ, it's all in the name I guess. As for the location, don't be scared, it isn't that bad. Located in a tiny strip mall next to what I would refer to as the ghetto gas station of Woodruff Rd. sits a tiny little Mom and Pop ethnic restaurant serving up traditional Korean BBQ.

I have only ever experienced Korean BBQ one other time in my life and it is truly an amazing style of cooking that is different than anything else. Tasty Korean BBQ is no different; although I am still dumbfounded by the location and even more so now that I have visited them. I would consider the menu and the food itself to be of a more higher class of dining, but the people who know about them aren't complaining. With entrees ranging from $14 all the way up to $28 depending on what you order, this is not something the average person would expect to pay for an ethnic restaurant located on top of a gas station.

But once you discover the food and the owners who are running the entire show, you will see why they are where they are and why they continue to do what they do. I ordered the Lunch Box of Chicken Bulgogi, described as grilled chicken in spicy Korean sauce served with japchae, salad, 2pc mandoo and rice for $7.95. It reminded me exactly of what I had experienced before. The chicken and the Korean BBQ sauce was just a wonderful and complete mix of spices and flavors. Nothing over powered anything and the chicken was cooked to perfection (not your typical dried out chicken you find at so many places). The sides were also all delicious; the salad dressing however, really stole the show. I could have drunk it directly out of a glass as my beverage.

During the evening they offer a raw Bulgogi dinner for two that is to be grilled right at your table in front of you. Sounds amazing and something that I wish my wife would want to experience, but she is a wimp when it comes to most ethnic foods she is not comfortable with. My point being, I know everyone has seen this place before, you cannot miss it. Most of you have never even thought to stop in and see what the hell this place is or even wonder what Korean BBQ is for that matter. STOP in and find out for yourself as you will not be disappointed (I know I have been back several times already). It honestly is not any different than going to any old cookie cutter Chinese/Vietnamese take-out place other than the fact that this food is good and prepared fresh just for you with flavor and not preservatives. The spices are not hot, but much more elaborate than anything else and really make your senses go crazy.

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  1. Thanks for these awesome write ups! I fell in love with an amazing Korean place in Austin, and I need to go back to this place. I wonder if I can communicate with them about whether I can get their stuff gluten free... This can be a tough question for ESL restaurant people.