Bayfront Bar and Grill: Lake Lure, NC

Life honestly doesn't get any better than this. A cold beer while surrounded by the most beautiful background imaginable. Not to mention we just completed a 5 hour hike and were without any kids for the next 24 hours. Bayfront Bar and Grill is part of the Larkin's family of restaurants and all I'm going to say is, I sure hope the old Hot Dog King in downtown Greenville has the exact same menu as Bayfront whenever they get that space completed. Bayfront is just downstairs from Larkin's on the Lake and shares the same kitchen with the much fancier Larkin's. This is a place to come as you are, enjoy the views, sit back and tip a few back all while enjoying the same food the fancy people upstairs are dining on. The Wife and I are a little partial to this particular restaurant, we spent many of hours here back about 7 plus years ago on our Honeymoon and many other times in-between. The place hasn't changed with the exception that they only have one eating challenge remaining on the menu.
The restaurant was packed as we managed to snatch up the very last patio table so we wanted to take out time and enjoy the views and each other (actually have an adult conversation), so we decided to start with an appetizer. And there it was, "World Famous" plastered all over the menu on the very first item. I knew that we had to get it because if you read this blog, I love "World Famous" as they usually are not!

Larkin’s World Famous Spinach Artichoke Dip - Our special recipe of spinach, artichokes, cream cheese and our signature blend of seasonings. Served with homemade tortilla chips 8.99.

Every once in a while you get a pleasant surprise. The picture above and the actual dish itself wasn't anything desirable to look at, but this thing was delicious. Fresh and made to order, no mayo here and just a dab of cream cheese here and there, not the typical soupy dip I am used to finding. The one thing that really made this dish shine above and beyond any that I have ever had was the addition of fresh garlic. The spinach was not sour at all and the tortilla chips were house made as well. The Wife and I may have been caught fighting over the last few tidbits of this app.
After enjoying the start to a wonderful meal and Bayfront being 1 for 1 on the "World Famous" tag, we could not pass and order two bowls of yet another self proclaimed "Famous" dish.

Larkin’s Famous “She” Crab Soup - Absolutely the BEST Around! Bowl 6.99.

I sure am glad that they dropped the word "World" before the "Famous" part, but again, this bowl of "She" Crab Soup was simply some of the best I have ever had while living in the South and being introduced to this wonderful soup. It wasn't runny like so many down on the Coast and was loaded with fresh crab. Bravo Larkins/Bayfront for being 2 for 2 on the self titles. 

 The Wife's main entree arrived shortly after we polished off our soup, Ahi Tuna Seared Sandwich with sweet potato fries. No words really can describe the texture and taste of this so delicate fish. Seared to perfection with sweet ginger and cucumber wasabi, this sandwich just melted in your mouth.

For my main dish, I could not pass up the Lobster Roll with battered fries. It was served on a regular bun rather than a split-top bun, so it was a little difficult to eat, but beyond that, it was so fresh and wonderful. The price tags on this thing at about $19 maybe would not be worth it again, but it sure was worth every single penny the first time. Did I mention that I love these fries? 

Take the short one hour (plus or minus) drive up to see beautiful Lake Lure and it neighboring Chimney Rock Village this upcoming Fall season to take in all the colors and when you are there, be sure to check this place out. We simply love it and have been coming for 7 plus years now and hope to continue to visit for the next 7 plus many more years ahead. The service is average, but with a smile and the food is some of the best Bar/Fancy food served in one of the most laid back environments possible. The view isn’t too bad either! One of these days, I will take the Mother Load challenge and probably fail miserably.
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