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HAPPY One Year to Your Pie in Greenville. What a better way to celebrate than offering your loyal customers and everyone for that matter $1 Pie for an entire day. The fine folks over at Your Pie Marketing fired off an email asking if I could help spread the word of this one day event. Little did I know about it prior, but man, I am sure glad I got the email.

Your Pie is like going to Subway, except instead of some mass produced sandwich that is chalked full of chemicals, you are creating your very own pizza. You walk through the line, first by choosing your dough. They have three to choose from along with 8 homemade sauces and 9 different kinds of cheese. After those three difficult decisions, all that you are left with deciding what else is going on it. They offer 19 fresh (FREE) ingredients along with 16 Premium ($.50 each) ingredients. So basically your options are kind of endless.
Southern Heat
Loads of grilled chicken smothered in our hot sauce with jalapenos, red onions, melted Mozzarella

I'll be honest; I'm not a huge fan of gourmet-made-to-order pizza while you wait etc. and this whole fancy new pie revolution that is trying to take over the pizza world all across the country. I had my doubts that if word did spread like it did, could this place really handle what they were about to encounter? The deal, $1 pizza, 2 pizzas per person and premium ingredients adds $.50. Started at 11:00 AM and went through 9:00 PM. So in total, 5 pizzas, 4 large sodas and I just feed my entire family for $11.65 on my daughter’s birthday.

The lines were long and people didn't seem to mind the wait. Everyone had smiles on their faces and people were snatching up as many pies as they could humanly carry out the door while having 15 kids in drag in order to get the two pies per person deal. The lines were out the door from 11:00 AM all throughout the lunch hour and well into the afternoon. We arrived for an early dinner around 4:30 and the line was all the way back to the end of the restaurant. It only took us about 10 minutes to make our way up and then the fun began.
Thai Pie
Spicy Thai sauce with melted Cheddar, Grilled Chicken, Carrots, Sweet Corn, Red Onions, and Cilantro

For $1 each I went with the Southern Heat and the Thai Pie. The Southern Heat is the real deal, tender chicken with loads of flavor, the sauce although not too much of it at all, but just the right amount to perfectly balance out the main ingredient, the Jalapeno! The dough was standard, nothing to brag about in my opinion, but still a very good pie and worth every cent. The Thai Pie unfortunately I cannot say the same thing about. I love Thai pizza, but have come to discover that no two Thai pizzas are the same or created equally. This was more of a personal preference rather than saying it was just bad. The corn threw the whole thing off for me and the sauce was not enjoyable. It did not have that nutty snap that I would have expected nor was the cilantro relevant. I'll chalk it up to just that, the Thai Pie isn't for me.
Some nasty pile of mess my wife put together!

The Wife created her own pie rather than ordering one of the favorites that they already have up on the wall for you. She went with the whole wheat crust and the pesto basil sauce. She then loaded it up with about every single veggie imaginable without the inclusion of any meat (that is just weird to me). She then topped if off with fresh slices of mozzarella and more black olives. She absolutely loved it and has been asking when we are going back. She thinks that she has already created the next perfect pie in her head and wants to check it out before she has another senior moment and forgets.
Cheese Pie for the birthday girl.

The kids had a blast and felt right at home while creating the most wonderful pizzas in their little tiny minds, Plain Old Cheese Pizza!

Bottom Line, Your Pie Greenville pulled off a wonderful event that was very successful for everyone that was involved. After 5 hours of making pizza after pizza for a bunch of cheap skates (myself included) not one single employee was grumpy. We were greeted and treated like we were the most important people at that very moment and then handed off to the next person in line. Everything during this entire visit was served with a smile, gleaming from ear to ear and even if the employees were tired or sick of serving $1 pies, you never knew it. They were willing to take a risk for one day by offering $1 pies, but I'm going to have to imagine that the risk paid off. They picked up some major business and new clientele for the countless time ahead of them. I would have never even thought about going to this restaurant before, but now that I know about it, and actually kind of like it and the food, my family and I will be back often. Check them out for yourself next time you want a hot quick meal for a very affordable price.

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