The Mason Jar: Greer, SC

One morning we were getting ready to head out and run a bunch of errands. It was creeping up on lunch time though and instead of being good, budget-minded folks who just make a sandwich at home, we decided to grab a bite out. Now, Greer is on the opposite end of town from us, but we had to go up towards Haywood Mall anyway so we were already halfway there. Plus The Hubby had been wanting to check this place out for a while...AND we had a coupon for a buy one, get one entree. So...to The Mason Jar we went.

Upon walking in, we were pleasantly surprised. It is the kind of dive bar we love and miss...plentiful where we come from (Minnesota aka Frozen Tundra). There are just honestly no good dive burger bars down here!! We only hoped the food and service would make it worth our drive to get there.

Sadly, the atmosphere is where the goodness ended. The service was some of the worst I have ever had. Our waitress did not at all seem interested in helping us at all and for someone that worked in food service, she had no idea what basic ingredients were or what each entree was to be served with.

Case in Point: I ordered the Dark Corners Burger (below) which is topped with "blue cheese, bacon, onion straws, lettuce and tomato." For anyone that knows me, it is unlawful for my refrigerator to house any amount of crumbled blue cheese because I will take it out and eat it with a spoon just like a bowl of cereal. I love me some blue cheese! Sadly it is not the most healthful snack of choice, so I take advantage of it when I see it on a menu while eating out. Upon telling the waitress what I would like, she asked me what type of cheese I wanted on my burger. I simply replied "blue cheese please, as it states on the menu." She gave me a strange look and continued on taking The Hubby's order. When I got my burger, it was topped with yellow cheddar...not a blue cheese crumble (nor any blue cheese dressing of any sort) in sight. They insisted on taking it back to correct and it came back as pictured below...this time the yellow cheddar topped with a slice of provolone. Again...no blue cheese anywhere. I gave up and just ate it...obviously the staff there (chefs included) need schooling on basic ingredients. Other than that, the burger was decent and the fries were good as well. Not a total loss, but then again, I'm still kinda peeved about the blue cheese situation.

The Hubby ordered The Mason Jar burger topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, chili, onion straws, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. He was pleased with the onion rings and the burger toppings, but was thoroughly disappointed with the burger itself as it lacked flavor.

Throughout our dining experience, we could hardly track down our server to get more soda or ask for mustard, etc. I would understand if they were busy, but there were all of about 3 tables in there and we were the only folks in her section. The other server, however, seemed to be much more friendly and actually cared to service her customers. So...I am guessing our personal experience is not how it is for everyone.

Bottom line...LOVED the atmosphere and loved the concept of The Mason Jar. Our service was awful but that's just one server and there's no guarantee we'd get stuck with her again if we went back. And, I think we would go back...we would just avoid the burger section of the menu and try something new. Something that did not say it was to be served with blue cheese.
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  1. How disappointing! We had a good experience there on our one and only (thus far) visit. Our server was fantastic. Here's hoping for better results on your next visit.

    1. We received better service from the other waitress and actually were disappointed we didn't have her as our server. After watching the other one sit down to talk with her customers who had also never been there go through the menu and explain everything. I understand that everyone has a bad day, and you don't always get the same server. We will be back to try some other stuff on the menu soon as the environment is way too cool to rule out after one below average visit. Cheers