Takosushi: Greenville, SC

We've walked past TakoSushi countless times during our many visits to Downtown Greenville. After a not-so-good meal at a joint nearby, we were still somewhat hungry so we decided to give it a try and just order a couple of rolls to fill our bellies.

It is a small restaurant like many others on Main Street, but this one is not so crowded you can't navigate between tables. The menu is extensive with both Sushi offerings and some Tex-Mex flavors as well. Some of the sushi rolls even have a Tex-Mex flair. Although I'm not sure who decided Japanese and Mexican style foods are a good pairing, it was actually kind of interesting and oddly enough, it seemed to work just fine.

The service was excellent...all of the staff were friendly, attentive and helpful. The sushi itself wasn't too bad either. Not the greatest I have had, but somewhere in the top third (and I've eaten a lot of sushi!) The unique combinations were fun and I would like to go back again and try something new.

My bottom line: Give it a try. The service is great, the sushi is good and the combo of ethnic flavors and foods makes it a fun experience.
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