Mellow Mushroom: Downtown Greenville, SC

Alright. I know Mellow Mushroom is more of a chain than a stand-alone joint. But, for us folk from the North (I don't consider us Yanks because we are from MN and not the NE), Mellow Mushroom is a foreign concept. We've seen it plenty of times but had never been in the need for pizza any time we were near one. We had always wanted to try it and finally a good opportunity came along.

Everything about this place screams 60s/70s. From the name of the restaurant itself, to the decor, to the names of the pizzas and even in some ways, the staff. It is just a fun, laid back, relaxed kind of place. If I could be so bold, I would liken it to being the "Ben and Jerry's" of pizza.

They have lots of beer to choose from (over 600!)...and its very cold. Which is important when you've been wandering downtown Greenville for hours in the July summer heat. They have some unique pizza topping combos (Thai Dye, anyone?) or you can create your own which is what we did. Full pepperoni, add sausage to half.

The pizza itself was good. The crust was nice and fluffy with a crispy shell. Not too thick, not too thin. Something as simple as the Parmesan sprinkles around the crust gave it a nice twist. The toppings were good, the cheese was good...it had some grease but not too much. All in all I'd say it was some darn good pie. We happened to be with our 3 kids that day so we kept the toppings simple, but I'd like to head back and try out some of their specialty pizzas sometime.

Their calzones and hoagies are a bit more mainstream as far as ingredients and titles, but they looked amazing too. If you're really hungry...you can add an appetizer or some Magic Mushroom Soup to your meal. Or if you just got done at the gym...they have salads for you too.
Mellow Mushroom is a great place for singles, couples, families, groups...you name it. It's fun, they have cold beer and excellent pizza. We will be back...I think you should go too!
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