Medina's Village Bistro: Chimney Rock, NC

Chimeny Rock, NC is a place you must visit if you've never been. Combined with neighboring Lake Lure, it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. That being said, they have some pretty good restaurants also. You won't find any chains here...all local mom & pop shops with owners and chefs who have a passion for making and feeding people good food.

Being a small, Southern town, the old ways of living still exist. Not much is open on Sunday mornings, despite it being a touristy area in the warmer months. We happened upon a little joint called Medina's and I'll tell you what...I could not have been happier that we checked it out.

It is a small little hole-in-the wall right across the street from the entrance to Chimney Rock State Park. The outdoor seating area was already filled at 9 a.m., as was every table in the place. We were fortunate enough to snag the last to seats at the bar. In front of us, we had the pleasure of viewing and smelling 3 full, hot pans of the most amazing looking cinnamon rolls we'd ever laid eyes on (above). We instantly knew those would be part of our breakfast that morning. They were huge, though, and we wanted to try some other breakfast fare as well, so we opted to split one. They take one from the pan, throw it on a baking sheet and warm it in the oven right on the spot. A dusting of powdered sugar, and there you have it. Not only are they amazing to look at, they are amazing to eat. The single best cinnamon roll I have ever consumed. No kidding. We ended up ordering some to go and they boxed them up for us and hand-wrote reheating instructions on the box lid. Awesome!!! (By the way...they are just as incredible reheated...get some to go!!!!).

My husband, of course, ordered biscuits and gravy. The biscuits were fresh and flaky, not too greasy and had a very good flavor. He loved the country gravy also...in fact I might have caught a glimpse of him licking his bowl.

I ordered one of my favorites...an egg & cheese breakfast sandwich. This item had the option of meats (I chose bacon) and you could also choose from a biscuit or a croissant. I had no complaints with the biscuit, but I did happen to see the croissant version come out of the kitchen and I know next time I will be giving that a try. The croissant looked fantastic and it was HUGE. Num!!! This one was served with a side of fresh fruit. Fantastic breakfast.

As if the home-cooked food wasn't enjoyable enough, the people in that place are what make it truly special. We got in on a conversation with some older locals who were originally from New York but had been living in Chimney Rock for nearly 30 years, and another couple visiting from Prosperity, SC. Our talking, bantering and laughter made it seem like the 6 of us had been friends for years! It is just that kind of fun, friendly place where everyone likes to be social, meet new people, welcome people and invite them to visit again soon.

The service was also some of the best we've had as the whole staff worked as a team. The owner/manager was quick on her feet running here, there and everywhere all the while communicating with her chefs and waitstaff. She had a smile on her face and didn't miss an opportunity to check up on her customers and converse with them also. The servers all worked together refilling coffee, clearing tables, etc. It's the first time in a long time I have seen such a team effort. Although they worked hard, they were all pleasant, happy and helpful. More restaurants and businesses need to take note from the staff at Medina's. They might learn a thing or two about how to treat their coworkers and their customers.

Without question this was one of the most enjoyable dining experiences I've had. Nothing fancy...just simple, down home, freshly made food with great friendly company. I would love to go back for breakfast but I would also like to try out lunch and dinner as their board out front had some pretty tasty looking specials posted. We will be back again...and probably again after that...and probably a lot more times after that. 

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