Huckleberry's Bakery and Country Store: Lake Lure, NC

What makes a good restaurant? That seems to be the million dollar question these days. Is it just good food at an affordable price? Does it have to have the total package, service, value and taste? In my opinion, I can sacrifice the food a little, but without service that is memorable, I usually don't give places a second chance. To be able to see the passion in something that someone has worked so hard for because they believe in themselves and the people around them, this is what truly separates the great restaurants from the "BEST" restaurants.

If you have never experienced a restaurant the depicts exactly what I stated above, you absolutely must take the short 90 minute drive up to Lake Lure and try out Huckleberry's Bakery. This place is so amazing in so many ways. Just after reading the owners page on her website, you will be hooked and make the drive that very weekend. That is exactly what I did when I found this wonderful restaurant on the interweb!

Here is a brief intro into the background of this (I am speechless as to how to describe to you how wonderful this place is) restaurant:
"Huckleberry's Bakery and Country Store was founded in January 2011, by 16 year old, Michaila Cowles Cosmus. Since grade school, Michaila has had her heart set on becoming a chef and baking "Pretty Things".  As early as fourth grade, she desired to attend,  Johnson & Wales University to study culinary arts and pastry. In early 2011, during her Sophmore year at Polk County High School, she began on working towards making her dream became a reality when in Spring 2011 she was accepted into the Johnson & Wales University early admission program at their Charlotte, N.C. Campus. Michaila started her freshman year of college, at the age of 16, in September 2011 to major in Culinary Arts."

We arrived right at 11:30 on a Saturday morning. Right when the menu changes from Breakfast to Lunch. We were handed Lunch menus which was perfect as that is what we were there for. After reading so many wonderful comments on the interweb already about the food, I knew exactly what I was going to have: the quiche of the day. And today I had two choices, chicken and tomato or Spinach. Although the spinach sounded wonderful, I opted for the chicken and tomato. It was also served with what I would call the single best peach muffin I have ever had the privilege of shoving into my face and a small slice of watermelon. Let me tell you about this quiche. Good Quiche is something that is very hard to come by. No two people like their quiche the same as this dish is something that we grew up on at old family gatherings and Sunday Morning brunch (well at least that's how it was in my family). I could never find a quiche that was prepared the same as how my father and Great Aunt would serve it. I finally have found one. This quiche was so delicate and fluffy piled full of meat and just the perfect hint of fresh tomatoes. The texture was something that I didn't even know existed.  With that being said, this entire meal set me back only $5.99.

 And of course, here was The Wife's first course to start her afternoon, a fresh homemade cupcake. Nothing fancy at all, but this thing had character. Custom made muffin cups (probably with a scissors in the kitchen at 4:30 in the AM) that gives the appearance of a little flower. This thing was so airy and moist, that I would actually drive the 90 minutes again just for one of these things.

 After The Wife had finished (inhaled) her appetizer, her lunch sandwich was served. Again, nothing fancy at all, but served with special little twists and turns that you recognize. Take your simple and basic BLT sandwich and serve it with piles of fresh avocado all stacked on top of a fresh Kaiser roll. The bacon was wonderful and the tomatoes were garden fresh. The coleslaw was actually decent as well, just enough vinegar with a ton of liquid in the bottom for the cabbage to get nice and tender.

So if you’re still not convinced that this place is worth your time to take one of the most beautiful drives within 90 minutes of the Upstate, maybe this will help. Besides the restaurant being an old farm house with a little country store thrown in throughout the entire dining room, they also have a Farm Stand out in the parking lot. Mom and little sister run the front of the restaurant while the now 17 year old chef/owner runs the kitchen. But that's not it; Ms. Michaila will not allow you to leave until she has had the privilege of personally greeting you during your meal and asking how everything is. Now that is what makes this place so special. They are open Monday through Saturday, 6:00 AM - 4:00 PM with full breakfast and lunch menu. Nothing fancy here, paper plates, cups and plastic silverware, just simple and very inspiring.
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  1. Tim,
    Thank you for this great review! We had a great time reading it and enjoyed every minute if it!
    -Huckleberry's Managment

  2. as i know of huckleberry's bakery the little farm stand is not in with them.

  3. Strangely, previous comments deleted. Seems perhaps the author of this "review" has some debt to Huckleberry's.

    1. Do not know the owner at all, it is just a 17 year old girl following her passion and it shows each and every day through her dedication and her food. Get over the disposable dishware and plastic forks and see the true passion in the establishment with true family values still as the #1 priority each and every day. Comment was deleted as this blog is not intended for you to hide behind the Anonymous tag to copy and past your TripAdvisor review. To each their own!

    2. James Simpson28 August, 2012

      Oddly, I've never posted to tripadvisor, though through your seemingly accidental suggestion that perhaps I should read the reviews on that particular site, it would appear that someone agrees with the sentiments expressed in my own (deleted) review. To each their own, indeed; I had an unimpressive meal at this establishment and I stated as such.

  4. I couldnt disagree with you more. I don't think any one should capitalize on a child's "dream" via using any kind of disposable wares, cheap breads and cupcakes made from a box. Every thing here was unimpressive and cheap.

    1. Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that we often forget are often the most appealing in certain settings.

    2. Please note Huckleberry's was closed from Dec 21, 2012 till Feb. 27, 2013 for the owners internship. Then Feb 28, 2013 till current for upgrades.
      Huckleberry's reopens April 2013 for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Brunchs

      Please email us at Huckleberrystore@aol.com with your mailing address and total purchase price of product you bought that was unacceptable and we will be more then happy to refund your purchase in full.
      Thank you, Huckleberry's