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My Husband and I watch Scene on 7 nearly every night. I should say...we have it on nearly every night but it is more or less background noise to our 3 very loud kids. We catch what clips we can, rewinding the DVR when/if needed. We have always been intrigued by the Dinner Club but have never mustered up the effort to find a babysitter. When we saw the menu for the Dinner Club at Devereaux's, however, we knew we needed to make it happen. One of the hottest restaurants in Downtown Greenville, Devereaux's was offering a 3-course meal for only $30 per person. How could anyone resist?

The menu posted was the following:
First Course - Choose One:
Shrimp Risotto - Basil, marinated tomato, Parmesan
Garden Salad - Cucumber, shaved vegetables, lemon vinaigrette
Squash soup - Caramelized onion, white cheddar tater tot, chive
Second Course - Choose One:
Pekin Duck - Sweet potato puree, sweet corn, tarragon, haricot vert
Seared Grouper - Heriloom polenta, summer squash, chive, malt vinegar
Grilled Pork - White beans, apricot, baby carrots, arugula, sherry jus
Desert - Choose One:
Chocolate Creme Brulee - Candied Bacon
Flourless Chocolate Cake - Vanilla Angais
Cherry Clafoutis - Black Cherry Jam, Vanilla Ice Cream

Although there were minor changes to the above menu (no creme brulee, but another dessert was subbed), we could not have been more pleased. Our reservations were for 7pm, but our plans led us to arrive nearly an hour early. As luck would have it, they had a no-show for the 6pm time slot and were more than happy to accommodate us early. We were seated at a table for two, just outside of the open air kitchen. We were able to see the chefs in action, the expediter arranging orders and cleaning plates to a spotless perfection. Although many of the kitchen staff seemed really young (or maybe I am just getting really old????) they worked with a kind of seamless precision that would make even Gordon Ramsay proud.

We were able to add wine pairings to each of our selections (three total) for an additional $15. As if the 3-course meal for $30 wasn't value enough...add three full glasses of wine for $5 each? Anyone who would turn this down is a fool!

We were pleasantly surprised when we were brought bread (pictured above). Two samplings; one with a black truffle oil and sea salt and another cheddar garlic biscuit. Our bread server (for lack of a better term) had no problem letting us know his favorite was the black truffle oil roll, and although both were tasty, I cannot disagree with him. That piece of bread was simply amazing. We also were served a potato soup which was almost more of a seasoned potato puree in a cute and tiny little shot-sized mug. The flavor was outstanding. These little unexpected extras did not go unnoticed. We could have left after these previews and been completely impressed and satisfied!
For our first course, my Husband ordered the squash soup and I ordered the shrimp risotto. The soup (above) was creamy and decadent. The caramelized onions lined the bottom of the bowl and were almost too overpowering for my husbands taste, but the white cheddar tater tot that topped the whole dish was simply amazing. The shrimp risotto (below) was creamy and flavorful and the shrimp were plentiful. An excellent balance of textures and flavors. We were growing more and more impressed by the bite!
For our entrees, my Husband chose the Peking duck (below). Situated on a bed of sweet potato puree and sweet corn, he could not have been more impressed. The duck was cooked perfectly and was succulent when paired with the sweetness of the corn and sweet potato. I, myself, would not try the duck, but the green beans on top were honestly the most perfectly cooked and most fabulous green beans I have ever tasted.
I chose the Grouper (below) on a bed of polenta and summer squash. I love summer squash and zucchini so much that if it were burnt to a crisp, I would think it was amazing. This summer squash, paired with polenta (which was a new food to me so I wasn't sure what to expect) was phenomenal. And that's not even saying anything about this fish. Honestly...I can't even find the words to express the flavor and texture of this fish. By far, the BEST fish I have ever eaten. Hands down. Amazing.
For dessert, I chose the Cherry Clafoutis (below). I am a sucker for vanilla bean Ice Cream and when paired with the black cherry jam and the creaminess of the cake, this was to die for.
My Husband chose the flourless chocolate cake (below) as an alternate as his original plan for the creme brulee had been substituted. He was not disappointed at all! The cake was so rich and moist and the fig ice cream was a perfect compliment.
Overall, we could not have been more pleased. We had amazing service, amazing food and we got amazing value as well. We even had the opportunity to meet and talk with Miss Kimberly Kelly herself! She was so pleasant and down-to-earth. She made sure to stop at each table and have a quick word and she made everyone feel welcome. Truly a class act! We have just heard tonight that the next Dinner Club will be held at the new Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House. Plans for a babysitter are already in the works! We are the Scene on 7 Dinner Club's new biggest fans and we plan to make this a tradition for the foreseeable future.
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