Cantinflas Restaurant and Bar: Downtown Greenville, SC

As one of the more noticeable restaurants on Main Street in Downtown Greenville, we have often been curious about Cantinflas. We typically love Mexican and Tex-Mex style foods, so when a Groupon offer for this place came along, we snatched it up. All I can say...is I am glad I had the Groupon and I am only sorry that I wasted the $15 on that to pay for this meal.

The staff was friendly, I will give them that. And at first impression, I thought this was going to be a good experience. They accommodated our family with whatever table we wanted (we had a stroller) and were eager to help and serve us. They brought us a basket of chips and 2 bowls of salsa almost immediately. The chips were cool...whole tortillas and therefore big giant circles which the kids thought were awesome. Too bad they were not fresh and therefore what I would consider to be stale. The salsa was very liquid...and had the frappe type bubbles you can only get from having just removed the contents from the blender. Some folks like this, but I prefer a chunkier, more pico-de-gallo type of fresh salsa.
We ordered a bowl of the fresh guacamole because for one, we love it. And for two, they are supposed to have some good guac. I was utterly disappointed with it. To me, guac should be nothing but fresh avocado, tomato, cilantro, onion and jalepeno with lime juice and a bit of salt. This had the one thing I loathe about most store-bought and pre-packaged guacamole mixes. It had the taste, texture and look of having mayonnaise in it. I can't be sure because I didn't ask, but there was something extra beyond the main fresh ingredients that just didn't sit right with me. I almost couldn't eat it.
The hubby ordered a bowl of the tortilla soup...which again was almost inedible due to the dry and stringy chicken. The broth was ok, but lacked spice and flavor. I got a simple chicken quesedilla which, as you can see, had no fixin's along with it. No lettuce, no sour cream, no pico...no nothing. Just chicken (the same dried out and stringy chicken as was in the tortilla soup) and cheese. Only this wasn't normal melted cheese. It was almost like a cheese paste...and with each bite it felt like the cheese was gooier and stuck to my mouth more and more. It was a texture and a feeling I could not stomach and therefore only ate about 5 bites. It was salty and gooey (in a bad way) and just not something I could eat. As for their sour cream (if my quesedilla had been served with some), I wouldn't have eaten it. We asked for some for our kids' quesedillas and we got small cups of what appeared to be thick milk. Gross!!!

Bottom line: I will not go back and as I said earlier...I am only sorry I paid $15 to Groupon for this horrendous meal. Even a very "American" Carolina Ale House can make better quesedillas.
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  1. sounds like my sister - in - law -never happy withany meal, but she does eat about athird of it before complaing - then announcing she is going somewhere else for a good meal. Been there when she did this on two occasions. No more. If you dont like it say so but be nice - there had to be something good

    1. That is the difference. I will never send a meal back to a kitchen or ask for it to be comped from my ticket. That is the risk I run when ordering food at a restaurant. If you did read the review, the service was about the only thing good about it plus the location and the seating area that we were able to choose. The food, not one good thing. The ironic thing besides it having one of the lowest ratings on the web, most complaints are about how horrible the service is along with the food. But don't take our word for it, we just call it the way we see it, they are on Groupon at least once a week (what does that say). Cheers

  2. I share your opinion of Cantinflas. I wish I had benefit of your review before I wasted my time, and a boatload of $$$ treating my out-of-town guests to a meal which "underwhelmed" us all! Taco Bell does food better and for a whole lot less. The only thing which keeps this place in business is their location on Main Street coupled with a continuous flow of unsuspecting touristas.