Waterfront: Edisto Island, SC

Like I have said in previous posts, we've hit just about every restaurant in Edisto. The Waterfront was one of the only places open during the lunch hour on a Sunday morning so we decided to check it out. They offer a buffet style breakfast and lunch on Sundays. The breakfast buffet has your standard pancakes, fruit, bacon, etc. The lunch buffet is more southern style favorites like corn, grits, green beans, gumbo, biscuits, slaw, fried chicken, etc. Supposedly it is all served until 3 p.m. but my daughters got quite upset when they wanted more pancakes and the kitchen staff began pulling the trays around 2:00p.m.
The service here was really quite slow and awful. They were not even that busy with maybe only 6 tables worth of people and only about 30% full. Our server had our table and one other yet didn't waste a minute telling us how she had hoped it would be a nice, relaxing Sunday morning. I told her I was sorry to have ruined her day.
My husband ordered the buffet and tried a little bit of everything (2 pictures above). The grits were obviously instant, the corn came from a can, the gumbo was mushy, the fried chicken was hardly fried as all of the batter had fallen off. Even the "peaches & cream poundcake" was simply frozen poundcake with canned peach bits & juice poured over the top. Nothing about any of it was made from scratch.
Our friend ordered a blue cheese burger (above). He said it was good, but he also noted that after waiting over an hour for our food (those of us who ordered off the menu and did not get the buffet had to wait over an hour...in a restaurant with 6 tables), he didn't know if it actually tasted so good or that he was so hungry he didn't care.
I ordered the crab cake sandwich and as you can see, the bun is twice the size of my crab cake. Heck...even the onion slice is bigger than the crab cake. The flavor was OK...but definitely not something I would rush back to order.

Our other friend ordered a grilled chicken sandwich topped with American cheese. Nothing special about this either. Like the other menu-items...it was not something that should have taken over an hour to make...especially not when it looked and tasted like it had been thrown together in a mere 5 minutes.

Bottom line: I would not recommend the Waterfront to anyone. The service stinks, the food stinks. Everything about this place just stinks. Go across the street to the Sea Cow. The service may not be much better but at least you will get fresh food and you'll get it fast.
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