Enterprise Pavilion: Edisto Island, SC

On Edisto Island, there are public beach access areas every so often on the main drag. #1 happens to be conveniently located right next to the Edisto Pavilion restaurant and gift shop. When you're done at the beach, simply throw your stuff back in your car and head inside to get something to eat!

We decided to try some appetizers to start and chose the calamari (above) and the crab balls (below). I will say the calamari was some of the best and freshest I have ever had. The batter was nice and light and the calamari itself was cooked just right...not rubbery like it often can be. The dipping sauce that came with it was fantastic...a jalapeno honey jelly type mixture that had hints of both sweet and spicy. The crab balls were really disappointing as they were basically small crab cakes but battered very thickly to keep from falling apart in the fryer. You just couldn't taste the crab because of the greasy, thick batter. And if you can't taste the crab, then what is the point?
My husband ordered a bowl of the She-Crab soup and although it was clearly fresh (he found crab shell in it), it had not had the chance to thicken up and was quite runny for a cream-based soup. That didn't stop our 4-year-old who stole it and consumed the majority of the bowl. She has a tendency of doing that with soups. He also ordered the jalapeno poppers which he described as "horrible." In fact he only ate one and the rest sat on the plate. They were obviously not fresh and were plucked from the freezer somewhere just prior to being dropped in the fryer.
I chose one of the daily specials which was Mahi-Mahi with 2 sides. The fish itself was a nice-sized portion...too bad it was very over-cooked. I have never before gotten fish stuck in my teeth. Corn on the cob...yes. Steak sometimes...yes. Fish...NO! It should be light and flaky but this was thick and dense. The coleslaw was some of the worst I have ever had and I was quite glad that I had ordered a simple baked potato as my other side. They would have had to try really hard to screw that up. It was at least edible which is more than I can say for the hush puppies that also accompany your entree. They give you a generous serving of TWO (yes only 2)...but I'm guessing this is because they may have noticed no one ever eats both! After the first...no one would dare eat the second. Just like the crab balls they are over-battered and very greasy.
Our friend ordered the daily special of yellow fin tuna. Like my Mahi...the portion size was good. He ordered his steak medium-well...and as you may have guessed...it came out more like a hockey puck. The color of the filet was not the red and white one would expect with a fresh piece of tuna, but rather it was grey and almost black in the middle. Not sure what was up with that?
Our other friend chose the Flounder and crab cake combo. I'm sensing a theme here...OVERDONE. The crab cake was exactly the same thing as the crab balls and were just Eehh.

Bottom line: If you're craving some Calamari, by all means head to the Pavilion. If it's fish you're in the mood for, please save yourself the disappointment and head to Whaley's instead. You'll pay less and get a better quality meal. Don't get us wrong, The Pavilion is still defiantly worth a visit at least once as the views cannot be beat, but you will also pay for that view as this is the only dining option directly on the ocean on the entire island. Stop into the bar located on the other side of the building for a cold beer and an appetizer and all your worries will go away!
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