Lawson's Fork Cafe: Spartanburg, SC

Brand new Southern-Style comfort food at its finest has landed in Spartanburg. You may think that this could be one of many restaurants in the Upstate, but Lawson's Fork is different than anything else you will experience. Part of "Comfort Food" is also the environment and the surrounding while enjoying something that reminds you of what would be served at a family get together when you were a child. Home-cooked, secret family recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation are sent out from the kitchen by mass numbers since the doors have opened at the former Shaan Indian Cuisine at 930 E. Main St. just two short months ago.
Daily specials are served up each day for $6.99 that range from country style steak and rice (pictured above) to Wednesday's Fried Chicken. Make sure your visit is well planed out for the daily special as the rest of the menu is very limited. As a matter of fact, when I was greeted by my server, it was immediately recommended that I try the special. I  agreed and in a matter of 5 minutes my meal had arrived with a smile.

I went for an early lunch and at 11:30 on a Thursday, the place was already packed to full capacity. I also had the enjoyment of sitting in the little bar area at a high-top table next to a window located just behind the front door and cash register. I can honestly say that I have never, in my life ever, had a better experience from the staff all the way to the customers that dine at Lawson's Fork. The staff truly care about the customers and asked each and every one (unless they already knew them) if this was their first visit. In my short 30 minutes in the restaurant, I counted 28 people who walked out the door saying something to the effect of, "that was the best meal I have ever had". Although it wasn't the best meal I have ever had, it was one meal that I cannot wait to return for on a weekly schedule.

The country steak was probably the best fried steak and gravy I have ever received in a restaurant. You know that it was made from scratch and was fork-tender which is unusual in most cases. The gravy and rice were absolutely to die for, but that wasn't even the best part. Those two little biscuits you see above, those are what I would refer to as two bites of heaven. That was 100% without a doubt the best biscuit I have ever had the pleasure of placing in my mouth (no butter necessary). Only if I could get them to sell these by the dozens to-go, now that would be awesome.

Bottom-line, Lawson's Forks desire to make you feel as if you are a guest in their own home and dining at their dinner table is clearly present and a feeling that anyone can appreciate. The home-cooked food is the same, if not better than what grandma used to cook and the service each and every time with a smile is something that cannot be missed by anyone who enjoys an great dining experience.


  1. Their goal may be to provide a family atmosphere, but it's hard to get past the filthy rug that looks like a holdover from the Indian restaurant, the dead flies all over the windowsill and the dirty blinds. I can only imagine what the kitchen looks like. The food may be cheap but it also tastes that way. I feel completely ripped off and will never go back.

    1. I have heard a lot of people comment on the exact same thing about this restaurant as of late. Not being taken care of and the service has been sliding. Hopefully they can turn it around and clean up their mess (literally) if this happens to be the case.