Caribbean Jack's: Daytona Beach, Florida

After a full day on the beach and at the pool, hunger and exhaustion had set in. We didn't want to go far, but we didn't want to eat crap either. And as we experienced at a few other Daytona Beach joints...the sooner you can get there, the better. Waits are known to be up to 2 hours! Lucky for us, Caribbean Jack's was just over the river from our resort. We loaded everyone into the car and were on our way. You can see the restaurant/yacht club from the bridge, but don't let that fool you. It is difficult to find and is tucked back in behind several blocks of small concrete buildings. The information we had found in some Daytona Beach coupon book said they had free valet parking, but upon arriving we saw no such thing. By this time the main parking lot was full and we had to go across the street into the overflow lot. To our surprise, though, we were seated fairly quickly.
The Hubby and I don't especially like paying a lot for a drink but it initially seemed like everything was $8+. They did have a freaky-cool coconut that you could purchase to drink out of ($15 plus drink cost)...and although my girls were begging me...I just couldn't fork out that much money on something they would fight over anyway. You can get the kids drinks in them also but at $15 a pop x 3 kids...a big, fat, NO! was the answer they got. We did finally stumble across some great drink specials though. I opted for a Herradura Margarita for $5 which came with its own plastic shaker. The hubby opted for a rum and diet made with a local rum similar to Captain Morgan. If I remember correctly, that set him back only $4. The kids enjoyed their lemonade and Diet Coke....out of styrofoam cups with kid lids!
The Hubby wanted to start with some Peel & Eat Shrimp. These were seasoned with Old Bay and served with cocktail sauce and melted butter. They were good, but nothing special. We were starting to get a bit worried because our service had not been fabulous either. Everything was just kind of ho-hum up to this point. We were really hoping the meals we were each forking out $20 for would not be as much of a disappointment.
  For our entrees, the Hubby went for Jack's Seafood Bowl which is described as sauteed shrimp and scallops in a puff pastry bowl, swimming in lobster sherry cream sauce and topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Served with island garlic bread. He absolutely loved it. I, personally, thought the price was a little stiff for the actual portion size, but he assured me that the seafood was plenty to justify it. 

I opted for the Pasta Alfredo and added shrimp (you can get just the pasta, or add chicken or shrimp for an additional charge). Again, I was thoroughly disappointed in my portion size for the price. In fact, one of my kids ordered the pasta alfredo kids meal and actually got more noodles than I did. There were quite a few large shrimp though, so I guess that is how they justify it. It was good...don't get me wrong. I ate the whole thing. I just felt that everything at this place was a little pricey for what you were actually getting, especially since the service was not so hot.
Bottom line here is that Caribbean Jacks has good food. It's not gourmet, by any means, but it's good and its worth going there. Just remember that you are eating at a Daytona Beach hot-spot and the menu items are priced accordingly. Also, go early or expect to be patient. By the time we left around 6:45pm  there was already a 30+ minute wait. I can't base my opinion on the service just on one guy...all I can tell you is our server was quite slow. I'm sure not all of them are that way. Overall though...I would recommend trying it at least once.

*This review has been brought to you by The Wife.

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