Aunt Catfish's On the River: Port Orange, Florida

The hubby had done some research on the cool places to hit while in Daytona. Aunt Catfish's was one of the top priorities so we attempted to go there on Sunday night around 6 p.m. Turns out his research was right...it was indeed a hot spot. So hot that upon arrival we were told it would be a 90 minute wait! Ridiculous, right? In all fairness, they do have a really awesome set up with an outdoor patio, live music and a pirate ship play system to keep everyone entertained while waiting. But with 3 small kids who were hungry and extremely tired from the day on the beach, we just couldn't wait until 7:30 to even be seated. We went back on Monday night around 5 p.m. thinking we would beat the crowd and still at that point the wait was 60 minutes. We stuck around this time and it was only about 40 minutes before we ended up getting seated. 
Part of the appeal is the large salad bar and Camp Fixin's bar that come with many of the meals. Salad bar is also an option on the kids meal which I though was awesome as my pickier kids could fill up their bellies on croutons, fruit and cottage cheese: some of their favorites and definitely healthier than fried, fried and more fried. Aside from the salad bars they offer fantastic seafood options as well as some more exotic things like alligator and shark. And although their regular menu prices are quite reasonable considering the quality and quantity of food, they also have a decent Early Bird menu with even better pricing. And as if the salad bar and camp fixin's weren't enough, most menu items are also served with hush puppies and a cinnamon roll. It really is an amazing amount of food for a fantastic price.
We both ended up ordering a combo platter in which you can choose from 2 or 3 of the items listed. I opted for grilled salmon, coconut shrimp and Dijon sauteed scallops (above) and the hubby went a bit more exotic with alligator bites, frog legs and shrimp scampi (below). These also come with a side item for $21.99 each. The food itself was quite good...not gourmet...but I really enjoyed it. And like I've said, the value is amazing.

Bottom line: If you want to experience a really cool atmosphere with some great food and drinks for a really great value, then you have to try Aunt Catfish's. Just beware...it gets BUSY and there will be a wait. You can make reservations so this may be something to consider in the future, but a few minutes of waiting with a drink in hand, listening to some good music while the kids play on the play system isn't all bad either. I really enjoyed our experience there and I am certain that every time we go to Daytona from now on, this will be one of our stops.   
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