Anna Maria Oyster Bar: Bradenton Florida

Quite a popular place in the Bradenton, FL area, the Anna Maria Oyster Bar boasts 3 different locations. This review is specific to the 14th Street W location as I have not ever been to the other two. The hubby and his family have been going here for years and years and is always a family favorite.

Upon walking in to the restaurant, you are greeted with fish tanks. The decor is something only the geriatric crowd can really appreciate as, in my opinion, it screams tacky. But, it is very "fish" themed and this is the heart of retirement country, after all, so I guess it works for them.
The most awesome thing about this place is that kids eat for a penny per inch. I happen to have short kids...so I can feed all 3 of them for a mere $1.15. Considering all the joints out there charging more than $5 bucks for kids meals (some not even including a drink)....I will gladly take it!
The food itself is just OK. Nothing spectacular but a really good value. I got a fiesta shrimp salad which was honestly nothing more than bagged salad mix, canned black beans, some shredded cheese and some tortilla strips. Not a huge portion but I still didn't manage to finish it all. The amazing thing is that for only $8.99 I got a salad topped with somewhere in the ballpark of 25 shrimp. The hubby ordered raw oysters. Obviously in that neck of the woods they are fresh and therefore quite tasty (if you are into that kind of thing...). These particular oysters were decent at best, but not his favorite. He managed to put down 18 of them, but made several comments that they were no Oyster Pub oysters from Daytona.

Anna Maria Oyster Bar on UrbanspoonBottom line is that if you are in the Bradenton, FL area and you want decent food for a phenomenal value, the Anna Maria Oyster bar is perfect for you so long as you can tolerate the tacky 1980's era fish-themed decor. It is definitely not a place to bring a date, but is more for families with folks of all ages. Based on value alone...I would certainly go back.

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