Duffy Street Seafood Shack: North Myrtle Beach

If you have ever been to Myrtle Beach you are well aware that there are plenty of places to get yourself some seafood. Some are overpriced chains, some are Calabash buffets and some are just your little hole-in-the-wall places with good food and good service. Duffy's in North Myrtle Beach falls into the 3rd category.

We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa one night and ventured out to find dinner someplace within walking distance of our resort. Duffy's looked like a decent place so we gave it a whirl. The good food, fair prices and fun atmosphere of Duffy's caused us to chow down there not once, but twice, in a 3-night trip. If you want some damn good seafood, you MUST go to Duffy's. Now MB does get busy if you're not there over New Year's like we were...and if that's the case and you aren't in North Myrtle Beach, don't worry! You don't have to sit in traffic for 2 hours to get there because they have one in Myrtle Beach and one way up north in Cherry Grove too. Basically what I am saying is that you have NO EXCUSE. Get thee to the nearest Duffy's!

I, personally, was won over immediately because they serve peanuts. Out of beach pails! How sweet is that?

My husband has a thing for oysters. He had never shucked his own before, though, and was a little taken aback by the additional charge for shucking fees. He didn't want to pay any extra but really wanted his oysters so he figured what the heck! He ended up ordering a steam pot full of them and shucked them himself. People from all over the restaurant kept watching as he kept shucking and eating, some even complimenting him on his "skill" as if he'd done it a million times before. He actually rather enjoyed doing it himself!

I couldn't decide what on earth to get, but I knew I didn't want anything fried so I ordered the Pirate's Plate which includes fresh fish, 1/4 lb steamed shrimp, 1/2 lb steamed Alaskan Snow Crab and 1/4 lb broiled scallops. On the menu it is described as "The perfect non-fried seafood combination." I had never had a blue crab before, so I decided to add one of those in the soft-shell for an extra $6.99. My food was fantastic. The only problem was there was so much of it, I couldn't eat it all fast enough for it to stay warm. That is more of a personal problem though!

Our meals came with cole slaw and choice of sides. We both chose Fried Corn on the Cob but I wouldn't do it again. It was more chewy and burnt-tasting that I cared for. We also tried the hush puppies and the cornbread. Both were tasty.

We sampled the Fish, Corn & Crab Bisque on our second visit and I was quite impressed. Sometimes you get a bisque with next to no seafood in it, but this had big chunks of crab meat. I would definitely recommend it.

The bottom line is that we both loved Duffy's. It has the free-sprited, easy-going, beach atmosphere you'd expect to have in Myrtle Beach. It is casual but serves fantastic food. There is something for everyone on the menu. And...it is a really good value because you get a TON of food for a fair price. Duffy's will be our #1 restaurant choice during future visits to the Myrtle Beach area...no question!

*This review has been brought to you by "The Wife."

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