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This is exactly what Spartanburg needed to help revamp the same old boring dining options available downtown. Cribbs Kitchen invites you into a revamped space that makes you feel as if you just walked into an Urban Nirvana{esq} setting. I'm still scratching my head at the folks who don't get what the theme is supposed to be here and how anyone can get the impression that the place is dry and depressing. Cribbs Kitchen is anything but. Very upbeat, happy and retro-remix{ish} vibes going on in both the very large bar area you fist encounter as you walk through the front door to your brief walk up the ramp to the back dinning room. The best way to describe the atmosphere is to picture the way a happening 50's diner was back in the 50's and then picture that same diner brought back to life in 2012 with a complete upbeat and uptown nostalgic feel.

Cribbs does a very good lunch and happy hour business while being located in an adjoining building to the local RJ Rockers Brewery and Main Street Pub, you really cannot go wrong with the location either. Don't worry, they have a huge parking lot and a dining room to match. The kitchen does a fantastic job getting food out without giving the impression that it is a challenge. The place just runs so smooth and it makes you enjoy your visit that much more.

Your probably wondering why I have the same picture of soup listed twice? Well, I was just as confused as you probably are or aren't right now. When you order your meal, you get to choose one side item. In a normal restaurant, you would pay a little more if you selected soup and quite possibly a salad over the standard fries. Not at Cribbs Kitchen, the side salad or the soup de jour are included as side items along with the smokey potato salad, chips or orzo pasta salad. What is not included are the fries. For an extra $1, you can either choose a huge portion of home-cut sweet potato fries or Parmesan fries. Both well worth the extra buck as they are delicious, but today they happened to have Shrimp Bisque as the soup of the day and I cannot pass up on a good homemade Bisque. Bonus for me, they brought me a bowl ahead of my entree along with a second bowl with my entree. The soup was very well balanced with a ton of fresh herbs present along with a nice Sherry scent that took over control. Tons of small, cut-up pieces of shrimp that maybe were a little too over done for my liking as I am sure they were tossed in the soup that morning and have been cooking all afternoon, but overall delicious.

For my main dish, I had a hard time passing up the daily special. Just the description of The Big Dipper had me drooling (flat iron steak braised with RJ Rockers Spartanburg Stout, sliced thinly and piled on a fresh hoagie roll with Swiss cheese & caramelized onions for $9.95), but I went with my gut and ordered the Singapore Fireball (after all, the four tables around me had a total of 6 orders for this exact same item), Roasted chicken, Asian slaw, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, Sambol sauce and Peanut sauces. Although the online menu states it is $7.95, the restaurant price is actually $8.95.

The wrap was brought out with a second bowl of soup and presented very nicely. I wasn't sure if I should eat the soup at first, but finally decided that they were not going to take it back to the kitchen and serve it to another guest, so I went for it. I'll start with bowl #2 of the soup. When paired with the Singapore Fireball wrap, it wasn't very enjoyable. I think with the pickled Asian slaw, the soup was way to salty to even enjoy. On its own, the soup is great, when paired with a chicken wrap that has a ton of flavors going on, not so enjoyable. Get your soup ahead of time, it is worth it.

The wrap itself I must admit, my very first bite was disappointing. The chicken was dried out and the veggies were so over powering that I really wasn't impressed. Then it finally hit, the Asian (pickled) slaw and the combination of the sambol and peanut sauces finally came together. Once the chicken was coated with the spicy sauces, it was like a completely different meal. Although a little messy, I must say that this wrap (a little bit far out) along with the vibe of the restaurant, this was my most enjoyable meal thus far in the Spartanburg area.

Bottom line is that Cribbs Kitchen has a very fun and upbeat feel with a menu to match. Hands down one of the best new restaurants to come to the Spartanburg area and what a great location to feature local beer just brewed across the parking lot. Bring your friends and co-workers because once you visit, you will be back often. They also post daily specials/menu each and everyday, sometimes even twice on Facebook.

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