Cafe Rivera: Greer, SC

Finally, I have found a Juicy Lucy or as Cafe Rivera spells it, Juicy Luci. Cafe Rivera is located in the beautiful and Historic town of Greer, SC. It is also home to the one and only Juicy Lucy in the entire state of South Carolina (at least as far as I know). Also, a very big thanks goes out to Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous for commenting on this very blog about Cafe Rivera and letting me know about this amazing restaurant. This was seriously one of the best days of my short 5 months in the beautiful state of SC thus far. And it is only 20 minutes away from home, even better.

Now, I usually get mad at restaurants who cannot spell Juicy Lucy properly, but I am OK with how Rivera's spells it as they get the Juicy (not Jucy as some impostors do) part of the name correct.

Once I told my mother about this new discovery, she was in and we were off enjoying lunch, just mother and son an a beautiful fall afternoon. I knew exactly what I wanted and I convinced my mother into trying something other than the Juicy Luci, well because I also wanted to try the "DOG" and I promised her I would share with her.

For Me:
Juicy Luci: Two 4 ounce Chuck Burgers Stuffed with American Cheese. Served with Fry Sauce and Dill Pickles, $8.50

For MOM:
Sausage “Dog”: Spicy Andouille Sausage with Onion Marmalade, Roasted Red Peppers and Dijon Mustard on Cuban Bread, $7.75

I will keep this brief and to the point, "HOLY CRAP, WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE TELL ME ABOUT THIS PLACE SOONER"? It was absolutely amazing. The wife thinks it is because I may have been suffering from "Juicy Lucy withdrawals" as it has been since June 3rd since my last Lucy experience. This Lucy was filled full with some amazing tasting white American cheese that was just... (I have lost my though for words now just thinking about it) that damn good. The bun was also a huge addition to this burger, homemade fresh buns that aren't too big, but just big enough with that perfect amount of air inside. Maybe a little bit too much salt on the burger itself, but I like salt, its just my Doctor who doesn't like me having it.

Onto the rest of the meal, I did end up sharing almost half of my Lucy with my mother, but she did in return share half of her Sausage Dog with me. I still do not know how I feel about the Dog? I go back and fourth on this and for many different reasons. It was good, it was too busy, it was too sweet, it wasn't spicy enough (I could go on and on) etc... The Cuban bread was simply amazing, the Andouille was even better than the bun, the Dijon (homemade I'm going to guess) was perfect in every way possible and the Onion Marmalade, well was simply to die for when accompanied with the roasted red peppers. But you put all of these complex flavors on a piece of bread, together, all you taste is a sweet hot dog that is difficult to eat. The Andouille had absolutely no spice when paired with the Onion Marmalade, but eat it on its own, and it holds its own. I'm still at a lose on this one, it was fantastic in every single way possible, but I'm still having a hard time with the Dijon and Onion Marmalade combination covering up the amazing flavors already present with great tasting bread and sausage. I'll get over it as quickly as you just read me ramble on about it. The fries, did absolutely nothing for me. I know its all about homemade and fresh, and I have to agree, but when it comes to fried potatoes, fresh simply doesn't work for me. They are soggy and usually, and in Riveras case, overly salted and seasoned to cover up that fried greasy mess of soggy pile of potatoes you just threw on my plate. The ketchup, homemade of course, is a little different. I loved it, but my mother hated it. You decide on that one.

Overall, Cafe Rivera has some amazing looking food and probably, no, THE "BEST" burger in all of the Upstate or South Carolina for that. Not only do they have a Juicy Lucy, but they have a damn good tasting (probably #3 or #4 all time in my book) one at that. I will be back as often as I am allowed until they kick me out or 86 me from ever returning again.
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