Grille 33: Downtown Greenville

This past weekend the family and I ventured downtown in months of built-up anticipation on trying out Grille 33 @ The Channel. Being a "self-proclaimed" Juicy Lucy expert, I had high hopes that Grille 33 may be able to fill this void since relocating from Minnesota to South Carolina. After reviewing the online menu, I came across two particular burgers that could possibly be classified as a Minnesota Juicy Lucy with the description of "Stuffed w/(insert cheese here)". The Stone, ● Stuffed w/American Cheese, housed between a Glazed Doughnut and the Cleveland, ● Stuffed w/Monterrey Jack. Could this be true, does Greenville, SC really know what a Juicy Lucy is and is it available right in my backyard and it took me 4 months to discover it?

The answer, NO. It's just a double burger with cheese on top of each of the patties. Oh well, so much for finding a Juicy Lucy in the Upstate. Maybe someday, someone will figure it out, until then I will just have to enjoy a good old fashioned burger at one of many great burger joints in this town.

As for Grille 33 and its burgers, well, they are just OK. The wife's burger was burnt and over cooked, but mine was just your average frozen patties thrown on the grill. Nothing great and nothing terrible about them. The addition of the glazed doughnut for a bun is pure genius however. I know that this isn't the first restaurant to offer this, but I highly recommend that you try it at least once. My only words of advice is to leave the mustard off the burger as I made the mistake of adding mustard to my burger and it didn't go so well with the glazed doughnut. The doughnut melts in your mouth as if it just came out of the oven and acts as a good sponge to soak up all the grease from the burger. The O'Rings were average and maybe just a little under fried. The wife chose to go with the sweet potato fries and they were your typical frozen kind you would find at the supermarket. My 1 year old thought they were fantastic and we couldn't feed them to him quick enough.

I personally feel that the prices are a bit on the steep end for the quality and the portions that you are served, but I have no problem whatsoever paying for it here and would even return if they raised the prices as it is going to a good cause. Every dollar after expenses is donated to The Channel a 501c3 non-profit organization.

"So what exactly is The Channel? The Channel is a 501c3 non-profit with a mission to impact our city by providing an all ages, alcohol free music venue and gathering spot. We are an organization that creates authentic community by loving Jesus and loving people, no matter who you are or what you believe."

The restaurant itself has a bright future in downtown Greenville. The staff are some of the best in all of downtown and the service is top-notch. From the moment we walked in the door to the second we walked out with full bellies, we were treated as a guest. Always a smile and everyone in the entire place truly appeared to enjoy being here. I get the feeling that this isn't about having a job for many of the employees, but it is something they strongly believe in and are passionate about.

Overall, Grille 33 is not the best burger available, but one could argue that they offer some of the most creative burger options. They have a goal in what they are trying to accomplish and they make that clear. The food is your average, everyday pub fare and as long as they stick to that, they will be around for a long time. I personally will be back and will be back often with my family. This is arguably one of the best family-kid friendly restaurants in all of downtown.

"Each burger is named after a street in the downtown district. Some brave souls try the Stone Burger, which is an Angus patty stuffed with American cheese housed inside a grilled glazed doughnut…sounds bizarre, but EVERYONE loves it! For the healthier eaters, you’ll find phenomenal salads and black-bean burgers. Grille 33 also sports a 150” TV screen to watch your favorite team. And don’t forget the delicious sweet potato fries, or a Coffee Creation at the Moose and Mug Coffee Bar."

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  1. The patties are fresh never frozen.

  2. If that is the claim, they may want to move the grill from plain sight of the customers then. From what I saw, those patties looked (and tasted) like the same frozen processed patties one would buy in bulk over at the local wholesale retailer. Nothing appeared to be fresh about them from when the cook grabbed them from the cooler and slapped 3 burgers on the grill while struggling to scrap the wax paper from the one side.