SEÑOR FROG'S: Myrtle Beach, SC

Our final and last day at Myrtle Beach. The hotel room was already packed-up and the mini-van loaded. We decided to spend the day at Broadway at the Beach. Very similar to Barefoot Landing up in North Myrlte Beach where we visited and had a terrible meal at "Dick's Last Resort" (not even worth my time to write about) just the day prior. We found ourselves doing what we do best, deciding on where to eat. Nothing sounded good and I was sick of the touristy thing by this point. We were going to go here and then we walked 10 minutes to go to a different place, but ultimately the wife and I could not agree on anything.

This is when we asked the kids, both girls screamed simultaneously, Frogs. Maybe this was mistake #1, letting your 3 and 6 year old decide on a restaurant. We sat outside on the patio overlooking the lake and the millions and millions of carp that are just swimming at the surface waiting for some food. The wife and I weren't too terribly hungry, but once again, could not decide on anything to share so we just got some chips and salsa to start with. Described as they use only the freshest ingredients and make it all from scratch, BULL SHIT. This salsa was nothing more than a can of Pace Picante dumped into a bowl. I am sure glad that we stayed away from our first choice, the homemade Chips and Guacamole. I can only imagine what the hell that would have been.

I will keep this short as this place doesn't even deserve to have a review written-up about them, but I went with the shrimp tacos. I figured that would be tough to screw-up, right? Wrong, how and the hell does fried shrimp smell and taste fishy? I could only choke down one of these things and leave the rest to the "bus boy from hell".

Overall, the service sucked, our waitress was more concerned about flirting with the other staff behind the outdoor bar. I'm surprised she even remembered to come and take our food order after rolling her eyes at us several times prior. The restaurant itself was dirty and smelled of last-nights all night beer party. The only positive about this place was the host who sat us at our table. He was a very friendly young man who actually seemed genuine and took the time to chat with us and our kids. T

The one thing that pissed me off the most about this place, the bus boy from hell. Here we are sitting outside looking over the water and with three little kids who were more interested at watching the fish than eating their meal. The bus boy from hell probably came by 3-4 times before we were finished eating (I think the first time our food had just been delivered about 2 minutes prior), asking if we were done and if he could take something. Finally after the 4th attempt, I told him we were done with the chips and he could take those. What does he do, he goes over to another table he was talking too, and lets them dump our food into the water to feed the fish. Probably not a big deal, but it pissed me off and the blood pressure started to rise. So I let the kids feed all of the rest of our food to the fish while the bus boy from hell tried several times again to take our uneaten food over to another table. At one point, he even said to stop feeding the fish "please".

Needless to say, don't wast your time...

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  1. What do you expect? You are in the Redneck Riviera.