Landshark Bar & Grill: Myrtle Beach, SC

During our recent visit to Myrtle Beach we decided to go the touristy route on our dinning options each evening. Tonight it was the brand new Landshark Bar which is part of the Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville restaurant chain. Being located directly on the boardwalk and ocean front we thought it would be a good choice with the new huge Ferris Wheel and all for the kids.

We decided to just have snacks on the beach today so we could go have an early dinner as everything in Myrtle Beach gets packed around dinner time. We arrived around 4:00 PM to an empty restaurant inside, but an almost full outside patio overlooking the ocean. The atmosphere was amazing with good music in the background and very friendly servers not afraid to chit-chat about this or that. The kids were having fun singing some Zac Brown Band among other tunes while we waited for drinks and our food.

We started out with some Tots with cheese sauce for dipping. Tots are a pretty hard thing to screw-up and thank God these were about as perfect as you can find them. The cheese was a little spicy, but nothing goes better with some good old fried food other than some good quality canned, processed cheese heated up in a little tiny plastic cup (and no, I am not being sarcastic).

The kids meals thankfully came with a fresh fruit bowl rather than fries. As you can see, the little guy is a little tired from a day of swimming in the ocean with his big sisters. I can honestly tell you I have no idea what the wife had as I was too involved in my own meal. I went with the fish tacos and made from scratch chips and salsa.

The tacos were actually not too bad, a very small portion of fish, but with excellent flavors and the right amount of lime yogurt dressing. I was surprised that it was missing the traditional slaw that I am used to finding on fish tacos, but I really didn't miss it. Overall, for a tourist trap that likes to suck all of your hard earned money, this place wasn't too bad. Very high energy with a fresh, open South Florida vibe. With the location directly on the boardwalk, it really is a must see and one that I would go back to (for a cold beer and food), just be careful to not get sucked in to the trap on the other side of the front door...

After we finished our meal, we wanted to take the kids on the Ferris Wheel. I quickly discovered while the crew was making a visit to the ladies room, that I now had to disappoint my girls once again. It would have cost us over $44 for a 5-10 minute ride on an enclosed Ferris Wheel... Not happening. This price is for two adults, two kids and one kid riding free. I have absolutely no idea if the Ferris Wheel is owned by the same group as the restaurant, but that is absolutely crazy. Maybe this is why about 9 out of 10 people who walked-up to the ticket window walked away without ever exchanging $$$ and continuing onto the pier where admission is only $1 for unlimited access.

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