The Noizy Oyster: Myrtle Beach, SC

Our first night in Myrtle Beach, I knew I wanted some fresh oysters on the half shell, so I looked for a locally owned restaurant and The Noizy Oyster was "it" due to the proximity to our hotel we were staying at. And let me just say that I wish the rest of our dinning experiences during our stay were like this of The Noisy Oyster, but we decided to be tourists instead and get sucked into the commercialized money pit that Myrtle Beach is.

As you can see, I got my dozed oysters as soon as we made it to our table. On the specials for the day they had 1 Lb. of steamed crawfish for $7.99 and that would soon become by dinner. The wife ordered the Crab Melt and the kids, well they were more interested in what "Daddy" was eating. The oysters reminded me of the ones I had last year down in Daytona Beach at LuLu's, the best tasting oysters I have ever had. Although they were not served on ice, they were still ice cold and didn't last long. I think the wife at one point asked me if I was going to eat my oysters and I responded back, "They are already all gone, did you want one?".

Pull the tail and suck the head, and that is exactly what I did with these crawfish. Although, probably not fresh, they were still better than the ones I buy at the grocery store frozen. Tons and tons of Cajun seasoning as well. The wifes crab melt was just that, tons and tons, almost 1/2" think of crab meat served open-face with melted cheese. She mentioned that it was some of the best tasting crab she has ever had without all the work. Just crab meat, no filler here on this sandwich.

They had large tables with people ordering up what I call frogmore stew, they had a different name for it though. They put paper over the entire table and serve up fresh blue crab, soft shell crabs among other seafood items all with corn, sausage and potatoes. They just dump it on the table and you dig in. The bar was exactly what I like to find in a beach town, just wish Myrtle Beach wasn't so geared twords the big corporate tourist chain restaurants. Obviously they are doing something right to have a crowd of people waiting out the door at 5:00 PM on a Thursday night.

I cannot wait to find more dive-beach-side seafood places that are locally owned in this state. Any suggestions?
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