Milwaukee Burger Company: Eau Claire, WI

Well this is the final chapter in my quest to conquer every Juicy Lucy in Minnesota and find out who can rival the 5-8 Club. I could not think of a better ending than stopping in Eau Claire, WI for one last and final Juicy Lucy while we made our final voyage onto our new home in Greenville, SC. I vaguely remember many details about this restaurant as I had many other emotions running high as we parted ways this very morning and said good-bye to many family and friends we left behind in Minnesota.

We placed our order and the kids each ordered grilled cheese sandwiches and we asked the extremely nice waitress if we could upgrade the kids' drinks to a choclate "kid sized" shake. She was not only gracious enough to do this, but she didn't even charge us for them. When I noticed this, she said that was the least she could do for them as they were so polite and well behaved during our visit. My wife ordered some kind of burger with avocado and an onion ring and I ordered the Juicy Lucy with O'Rings.

The wife absolutely loved her burger and said that it was one of the best burgers she has ever had. My Lucy came out with hand battered O'Rings that were amazing. The batter was light and well worth the $1.50 up-charge. The Lucy wasn't anything to rave about, but still had excellent flavor and had tons of cheese. It was cooked perfect for a Lucy, medium with lots of pink in the middle. If I had to make one complaint about the burger, it would be that the cheese they used tasted and appeared a little fake. Not quite a Velveeta, but similar in the chalk dusk texture.

Overall Milwaukee Burger company is a fantastic, kid friendly sports bar just off the main interstate with excellent quality burgers. They used to have a web-site, but it is no longer online as it appears they have shifted over to just the Facebook thing as so many restaurants are doing these days (I personally think that is a poor decision, but that's just me). Next time you find yourself driving through Eau Claire, WI, I highly recommend stopping in and giving them a try for yourself.
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