Burger Jones: Burnsville, MN

Burger Jones recently opened a very nice (appearance and renovation of the old Blockbuster) second location this past week in Burnsville. After reading many reviews in only one week of being open for business, I wasn't expecting much except maybe a decent burger...

A co-worker and I decided to stop by for lunch on Tuesday as she had a $20 gift certificate for any Parasole restaurant. We decided to order what they refer to as TRI-FRY TASTING TOWER. Hand-cut russet fries, maple-bacon sweet potato fries and Parmesan waffle fries with choice of three dipping sauces for $7.99. Sounds crazy to pay $8 for some fries, but it was cheaper than ordering two individual side orders and getting one dipping sauce. We also both decided to order Burger Jones own Juicy Lucy creation, The Chubby Cheddar; stuffed with molten cheddar and smothered with even more melted Merkt’s Sharp Cheddar for $9.99.

The hand-cut fries were saggy and basically had zero flavor unless you used a dipping sauce, the waffle fries were "OK" but they could have left off the fake sprinkle cheese they coated just the top fries with. I found myself gagging from inhaling the powder upon my first bite. The sweet potato fries are about all I can talk about that was good. They were crisp and had excellent flavor. Paired up with the chipotle aioli sauce, they were about all I could enjoy.

As you can see from the above picture, what we both ended up paying $10 for was a skimpy 1/4 lb. cheeseburger on an over-sized bun with some nasty lettuce. The Burger had decent flavor, but was missing something, it had absolutely ZERO cheese on the inside (maybe this is why they do not refer to it as a Juicy Lucy?). Just as we both discovered this, our waitress came by to see how the first bites were tasting. Upon showing her the inside of my burger she immediately offered to take them back and have the cooks make us new ones. I give her props for this, but unfortunately I was over it and already made up my mind and decided it wasn't worth the effort to wait again just to be disappointed. I can get over one bad cooked Lucy every now-and-then, but this part is what is the biggest complaint about this new restaurant, the bill. We ordered some fry sampler with half size portions of each variety, two "Basic cheeseburgers" and two diet coke's. Total bill, $35.35 without tip.

Bottom line, Burger Jones will not be receiving any more of my $$ in the future. You are much better off over paying for a Juicy Lucy just down the road at Buffalo Tap where you can actually enjoy yourself and have a half-assed decent burger.
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  1. Your review of Burger Jones is SPOT ON. I couldn't agree more. I too visited in May 2011 and paid $10 for a burger with no fries or 'extras.' Had to cough up $1 for a slice of tomato and another $1 for a slice of cheese. Good service and nice ambiance, but I don't think any burger is worth $12 + tax + tip, and this was far from "the best" burger ever.