Matt's Bar: Minneapolis, MN

Either you love it or you hate it. Not because it is a bad tasting Juicy, but because your loyalty is either with Matt or with The 5-8. I think it is pretty clear that mine is with The 5-8. For this reason I have stalled heading a few blocks north up Cedar to have an official visit to write about. What a better way to start the new year, one year after I started this site than to write about the #2 Juicy Lucy in Minnesota and the second one invented.

I have been to Matt's as many times as I have fingers on my hand in my 10 year Juicy Lucy fixation. This visit was no different than the other 4 visits other than I had good company with me this time. I will keep this short and sweet and to the point. The Juicy for one is spelled incorrectly and this drives me crazy. Two, the burger is 33% smaller than an average Juicy Lucy and contains 66% less cheese as well. Three, the prices are continually increasing and Matt's has now priced themselves out of the dive bar category, in this blogger's opinion. Four, the fries are good.

Now, I know someone who's ties fall with Matt rather than The 5-8 is reading this, getting all red in the face and probably just erased this blog from Bookmarks, but let me continue and tell you more...

The number one thing I am always hearing from Matt's followers is how juicy and cheesy the Lucy's are at Matt's. I got one thing to say about that, that isn't cheese popping out at you and burning you in the face, that my friends is GREASE! The other thing is how nice and crusty the outside of the burger is, I call that over cooked and burnt in many instances.

This is one topic that no one will ever agree upon and one argument that no one will ever come out on top. I personally feel that you can get a much better Lucy at many other locations that are not over crowded and as pricey in the Metro.

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