RJ's Tavern on Main: Hastings, MN

Beautiful Sunday fall afternoon we packed up the family and headed down to Hastings, MN to see some fall colors and grab a bite to eat at RJ's Tavern on Main. Boy did I make the wrong decision on this one. When you walk in it seems like a nice bar, kinda dead as the place is huge. A little dirty in spots and looks like it is not taken very well care of with the exception of the immediate bar area located smack dab in the center. On this particular day, they had two staff working both behind the bar and the floor. Seems doable as they had a whopping 10 people in the entire establishment when we arrived at noon.

Obviously we were here for one thing, to try a Juicy Lucy. They have 4 to choose from on the menu, but unfortunately the web-site does not work (should have been indication #1). I went with the basic Juicy Lucy which is describes as a classic blend of American and Swiss cheeses. I'm not sure how those two are classified as a "classic blend", but apparently it is in Hastings. My wife went with the Moody Blue which is described as a burger stuffed with Shrooms and blue cheese. We ordered the kids a sausage Heggie's pizza as they do not have a kids menu. Who ever stated in another review that this place is "Kid Friendly" must not have kids?

As we waited, and waited finally our cheese curds showed up. Nothing special and at a price tag of $7 for a plain white plate of about 10 curds with some ranch dressing, you are better off passing on these. The kids' pizza showed up and it was pepperoni? Oh, they ran out of sausage and decided it would be OK to replace with peperoni as "most kids don't care", so we were informed by the server/bartender who looked like he just rolled out of bed fresh off a two day bender. After the pizza was delivered, our Lucy's arrived shortly after. As you can look at the pictures, they look good, or so we thought.

I'll keep this short and sweet, I was given my wife's burger and vice verse. My first bite was the most un-pleasurable bite of food I have ever placed in my mouth. I hate shrooms with a passion and what do I get, a huge black shroom hanging out of my mouth. So we traded and started over. I ordered my burger medium as I like pink in the center of my burgers. Well, after take two on my first bite, I bit into a completely raw burger. About 50% of the pattie was well done and the other 50% was completely raw to the point I was able to take that portion out, roll it up and form a new burger pattie on my plate. Needless to say, by this point I was done and just wanted to get the F out of Hastings. Wifes burger was exactly the same. 1/2 raw and 1/2 flavorless, frozen F grade ground something. Maybe we just had a bad experience and this place really is good? Who knows, I guess I will never know as I would never go back to this establishment again, especially at a price tag of $71.00 for the shit we received from the kitchen and the service we experienced.
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