Lucky's 13 Pub: Bloomington

I made my way over to Lucky's 13 Pub this past week as I had a date with Lulu. The Juicy Lulu, Hand stuffed with molten cheese for $10.99. One of the most expensive Lucy's on the tour, so I sure hope it is worth it. Lucy's 13 Pub is located in the old Bennigan's, on the South West corner of 494 and 35W. If you ever visited the old Bennigan's before they closed, you know how dirty and outdated this place was. After a total renovation, inside and out, Lucky's is absolutely beautiful. The second you walk in, you are overwhelmed with everything that is going on. One completely open space with a huge bar located in the center as the main attraction. My one complaint as I have visited this restaurant several times now is the host stand. You walk in and have no idea where to go, they have a little desk/vanity (that belongs in a bathroom or bedroom) located up against the wall as you walk in, but you walk right past it and instantly the bar hits you in the face. The new outdoor patio that they added after the Grand Opening is fantastic, with a waterfall that has a big screen TV inside it.

Onto Lulu herself. She was a huge disappointment as I expected much more out of her. The burger was what I classify a "Juicy Ball". Along with being a Juicy Ball, the burger was simply boring. It was moist and juicy, but it was lacking any flavor at all. The cheese was as sticky as melted Velveeta and was making my lips stick together. The only positive about Lulu, and trust me, this is a big one as this one aspect is what most are missing, LOTS OF CHEESE. I had cheese in almost every bite. Even on my last bite, the over processed cheese was still present.
Overall, it sucked. I'm not sure if this is just Lulu herself, but every meal I have had at this newer location has been boring and frankly, no flavor in anything. The free popcorn they serve up has more flavor than the Lulu, Philly and the hot open faced sandwich combined.
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