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As the last Juicy Lucy in the South Western Suburbs, I found myself along with C at Wildfire restaurant over at the Eden Prairie Mall. I have dined at this location many times and have enjoyed the STUFFED BURGER OF THE DAY on multiple occasions. Unfortunately the last time I was here they were offering a horseradish Lucy. Talk about nasty so I went with a salad instead (the "WORLD" famous chop). I was smart enough this time and called ahead to find out what was on tap for today feature burger and it sounded decent although it was what I like to call a "Gourmet" Juicy Lucy.

Today's stuffed burger of the day was a Pepperjack stuffed Southwestern burger. Accompanied by a side a fresh guacamole and pico de gallo all served up with a side of fries and cole slaw with the addition of french onion soup to begin things off, times two.

Burgers arrived and if you have ever dined at a Wildfire restaurant you know that anything that they place on the wood-fire grill tastes damn good. Even if it is just a burger, you still get that smoke and char flavor. As for the Juicy Lucy itself, it was nothing special. In my opinion, I could have walked away from the table just as happy if the cheese would have been placed on top of the burger rather than inside. Don't get me wrong, a burger is always better when stuffed with something just because we can, but this burger was just that, a burger. Maybe they are using too good of a grade of beef than any of the others, but it left nothing special on the plate other than a good quality burger you would expect to get a a great steakhouse (maybe that is why they refer to it as a stuffed burger and not a Juicy Lucy).

As for the compliments, the Guacamole sucked and looked like that crap you buy at the grocery store in a bag and the cole slaw was just cabbage with a little mayo chopped into perfect little squares rather than shreds. I would expect more from Wildfire on the Guacamole rather than the crap they scooped into a little cup and put on my plate. The Pico was decent and had great flavors mixed throughout, so I will give them that one.

Overall the stuffed burgers that Wildfire puts out each and every day from lunch are fantastic and I will continue to order them as long as they keep the horseradish away from the kitchen.

I wonder how good warm guacamole would be? Probably not that great, but this gives me a great idea for a new Lucy to try at home. Some fresh queso along with a smoked poblano and some homemade Guacamole inside a burger, smoked with hickory. And instead of your typical ground chuck, how about some fresh buffalo meat.

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