Vincent - A Restaurant: Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis

At the suggestion of C, I meet him along with a co-worker for lunch downtown on Nicollet Mall. After hearing about the Vincent Burger served over at the new Target Field, why not try this thing out at the actual restaurant rather than a ballpark? The menu is a little misleading if you had not idea what to expect as nothing tells you that this thing is a Juicy Lucy or a stuffed burger. The Vincent Burger as described: Ground Beef, Braised Short Ribs, Smoked Gouda Cheese and that's all they give you, the rest is up to your imagination of what to expect.

C and I quickly ordered up one of these creations and waited as we enjoyed the fresh catch of the day, Pan Seared Scallops, Leeks, some sort of beans and Orange Butter Sauce . These were damn good. While waiting for the Vincent Burgers to arrive I must say that I have never dinned outdoors in downtown Mpls before. This was extremely enjoyable as the weather was very nice and the location of Vincent's is in a prime spot for people watching. Everything that was going on on Nicollet Mall along with all the people dinning on the sidewalk was a new experience that I would love to do again, soon. Maybe next door at Brits Pub?

So the Vincent arrived and looked and smelt amazing. C has dinned at Vincents before and ordered one of these stuffed burgers, but it had been some time that he really didn't remember what to expect other than the fact that it was enjoyable the first go around. And enjoyable it was! The meat and the char crust that the burger had was perfect. The quality of meat was also very noticeable as you would expect from a restaurant of the class. You could tell that this was more of a "gourmet" burger rather than a greasy Lucy most would expect to receive. The smoked Gouda was not very present or dominant in any way. The Braised Short Ribs were present, once I got to the middle and added a very unique texture that I was surprised I enjoyed. The part that stood out the most for me was the seasoned mayo used and the crunchy crust on the burger. Overall the burger was one that I would highly recommend to anyone who has a love for a good stuffed burger and one that I would order again. The only thing that I would have liked to see more of would have been more cheese. I know that this is a fancy (or wanna be fancy) restaurant and the Smoked Gouda looks good on paper, but is this really the right cheese section to pair with the short ribs? Maybe it just needed more cheese to complement the ribs better. Still a good burger that was cooked to perfection.

Next time you are at a Twins game, stop by any burger stand and order up a Vincent Burger and enjoy. I would love to hear how Target Fields version compairs to the one served at the actual restaurant.
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