Hubert's Sports Bar and Grill: Target Center/Target Field Mpls

Two words, "THANK YOU"! Hubert's Sports Bar and Grill's newest location downtown, conveniently located in the Target Center and just a short block or so away from the new Target Field has stepped up to the plate with, what I think, could be the next big thing at the Minnesota State Fair. A Deep Fried Lucy: Stuffed with Cheese and Coated with Diced Bacon Beer Battered & Fried. Served with Mayo on Texas Toast.

When I first found out about the newest Lucy in the Twin-Cities, I quickly snatched-up some Twins tickets so I could get this date with Lucy on my calendar. Anyone who knows me, knows I love anything deep fried. Some of you have even nicknamed me "Fry Basket", for good reasons I guess.

My wife and I quickly got rid of the kids for a fun filled evening out to dinner and a Sunday Night Twins game. We made our way over to Hubert's about 2 hours prior to the first pitch and were quickly seated in the way back of the restaurant. This was my second visit to the new Hubert's, the first time I had to pass the this deep fried ball due to being on a strict beer diet that particular day. The one thing I love about Hubert's, especially on event nights, they still seat you at a table and they have enough wait staff to make you feel like it is just a busy restaurant on any night of the week. Most places that set-up shop next to a sporting venue pack you in so tight and make it a free for all on planting your ass in a seat. Then, once you plant that seat of yours, you cannot get served and if you do, it is the worst service you have ever received. Bravo to Hubert's for doing it right, this is exactly what the Twins needed at their new home, a familiar face to get served beer and a DEEP FRIED JUICY LUCY before a ball game.

Here is was, sitting right in front of me. It didn't seem that big compared to the first time I first set my eyes on this thing. Now what do I do? The guy I saw eating this thing way back on Cinco De Mayo cut his in half. I normally would not ever recommend cutting a Lucy in half, but hey, they served me a huge steak knife. This was the only way this creation was going to enter my mouth so I went for it after letting it sit for a few minutes while I enjoyed my tots (which were awesome and well worth the extra $1). After taking my first bite, I could not believe how wonderful this thing tasted. I was a little nervous about the bread choice, but they slapped on enough butter and grilled it slightly that it worked extremely well. The bacon that was lying just under the beer batter was clearly present and only enhanced the experience. The cheese was exactly the way a Lucy should be, runny and very present (also American). The batter was nice and crisp, just a little greasy, but not overly greasy and not too much batter to take away from what was underneath it. Not only was this a great burger, it is also the most creative Lucy I have tried to date.

My wife could not believe her eyes when I finished the entire plate, tots and all. It was that good. I cannot wait until August 31st when we make our way back down to Target Field to enjoy another Deep Fried Lucy at Hubert's before catching a Sunday afternoon ball game.
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