Gossips Bar and Grill: Farmington

As one of the last Juicy Lucy's on the list South of the river, we made our way over to downtown Farmington for Gossips version of a Juicy Lucy. We had no idea what to expect as you cannot find any information on the web about this place nor do you ever know what to expect walking into a small-town biker bar with two little kids and a wife at 40 weeks pregos. We made our way through the covered opening and the first impression was exactly we expected. Dark, dingy bar with locals bellied-up enjoying a cold beer with friends and some friendly conversation. We made our way twords the back, past the bar and were greeted immediately by the nicest lady behind the bar.

She quickly came over to chat and take our drink orders. While she was off getting our beverages, we looked over the tiny 8.5" x 5.5" laminated menu splattered full of grease and who knows what else. If I wasn't at this restaurant strictly for a Juicy Lucy, I would have ordered up one of the "World Famous Coney Dog and Chicago Dog" to compare to my recent trip to Chicago for my very first true Chicago Dog. The menu was very limited, but had everything any red-blooded American could ask for in a bar menu. They even had Tator Tots, or so we thought.

Chicken nugget basket for the kids, Saturday Night special for the wife ($1.50 double cheeseburger) and a Juicy Lucy for me. We also ordered a basket of tator tots and a basket of O-Rings. We quickly found out that they did not have tots, so we just changed it to a basket of fries, no biggie. Our food quickly arrived along with a second beer for me. The Juicy was small, and I mean it looked tiny and I thought about pre-ordering a second one, but held off. Lets just get this out of the way now so we can focus on what was important, Lucy. The O-Rings sucked, they were still raw in the middle and had way too much batter on them. If I wanted too, I think I could have rang them out and filled a beer cup full of grease. The fries, although the wife loved them, I thought were just OK. They were nothing special and did absolutely nothing for me. The Juicy Lucy however was absolutely amazing. If I didn't know better, I was eating a Lucy at the 5-8 Club. They had the same baskets and the same basket papers along with the same great tasting Juicy Lucy. It was that good and I cannot wait to return to Gossips in the very near future, preferably without the kids and maybe even the wife to enjoy another Lucy along with about 6 beers at the bar. The size of it surprisingly didn't disappoint either. It was just the right amount of cheese, bun and burger for me. It left enough room to slam some cold beer while enjoying my Lucy.

After all was said and done, the wife was satisfied, the kids, broken leg and all were full of nuggets and fries and my wallet was still full. Do the math, 2 burgers, 2 baskets of sides, kids meal, pop and 2 beers. Our total bill was $19.00. I cannot cook for a family of 5 at home this cheap.
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