Newt's: Rochester, MN

Juicy Ball anyone? This is exactly what I received on our weekend trip to Rochester to visit some friends. On our way back to the cities, we stopped at Newt's in downtown Rochester to try the Juicy Lucy and Newt's Bar that everyone talks about. New's claims that they have won "Best Burger in Rochester" for some 50 years or something.

After getting lost just once or twice (due to some great directions we received from some family friends) we finally found it. Walked in the back alleyway and made our way up the fire escape. It was a Sunday afternoon shortly after 1:00 PM and we walked into a packed house. We quickly snatched up the last table available. Our crabby server came over, dropped a basket of popcorn on our table and walked away. She eventually returned to take our drink order and food order.

Our food arrived very quickly and what I had in-front of me was the largest Juicy Ball I had ever seen. My wife ordered the Blue Cheese burger as that has become her fixation during this pregnancy. She absolutely loved ever bite of her burger and wanted more. Me on the other hand, I had a few issues. As you can see from the picture above, it appears that the burger is so covered in salt and pepper that it is as if they are trying to hide something. The way I look at a burger, if you have quality beef, you should not have to over season it. About half way through the Juicy Ball, I felt as if I was licking a salt block (maybe a secret marketing trick to get you to drink more beer). The good thing about this burger was the cheese. They did the cheese right on this thing and I will give them that. Perfect amount of American Cheese that had the perfect consistency.

Overall the fries were the same thing you would get at any pub, the popcorn was a nice added touch (I just hope it isn't thrown at me next time) and the burger was too salty. The bar looks like a typical Dive Bar just 90 minutes south of the cities. Was it worth the drive? Probably not, but I happened to be in town. Please do not waist your time driving to Rochester just for this burger as you can get an equally salty burgers over at the Green Mill.
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