Mainstreet Bar and Grill: Hopkins

This past week, C and I made our way over to Downtown Hopkins for Mainstreet Bar & Grills version of a Juicy Lucy. After getting lost a few times on the busy streets of Downtown, I found a parking lot just around the corner and headed on in. Upon walking into the restaurant the sign said, "Please wait to be seated" and after standing there for a few minutes a waitress told me I could sit anywhere I wanted.

If you were coming here for just a burger, you would miss that they even offer a Juicy Lucy. The burger section on the menu does not have the Lucy listed, you have to turn the menu over to the back page to find their specials. Mainstreets version is described as follows. A Mainstreet Favorite! A full 1/2 lb of fresh ground beef, cooked medium rare, stuffed with American cheese. Served on a bun with French fries. $8.50.

Sounds good, right? Well after ordering a basked of O'rings to share that were just OK, our Juicy Lucy's arrived. The first bite of hamburger I thought that it tasted decent, cooked perfect and could not wait to get to the American cheese that was just a bite or two away. Then it happened, both C and I made our way to the cheese and we were just confused. Looking at each other, trying to figure out what the hell this was stuffed with. At first, I thought it was a combination of American and cheddar, but after further exploration into Lucy, the bulb went on. After confirmation from our waitress we discovered that we were correct. They stuffed this with both cheddar and Swiss cheese. Yuck! The worst of both cheese options to stuff a burger has just happened. Not only was the cheese bad, the burger was nothing to talk about. It was bland and actually had zero flavor to it. The bun, appeared and tasted fresh like it was from a local bakery, but this part of the Lucy was even bland. It tasted like cooked flour water. Looking around the restaurant, we instantly knew why they refused to use seasoning of any kind in the kitchen, no one in the restaurant was under 65 except the two waitresses working and C and me.

Would I go back to Mainstreet Bar for another Juicy Lucy? Probably not, I still want to know why the menu says American and they served me cheddar and Swiss. Until someone can explain this to me, I plan to stay as far away as I can from Downtown Hopkins.
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