Turtle's Bar and Grill: Shakopee, MN

I meet the wife and kids for a Friday afternoon lunch in Downtown Shakopee. I have been to Turtle's many times for lunch as I work in Shakopee and we do not have very many dining options in this town. And just about every time I visit this place, I order the Juicy Lucy. A half pound certified Angus beef burger stuffed with Swiss and Cheddar cheeses and topped with a slice of American for $9.95. My biggest complaint about this place is that is it a complete dive bar with average food priced way out of the ballpark for where it is located. You cannot get out of this place without spending a minimum of $15 for lunch. Yes, they do have daily lunch specials, but again, way over priced for what you get.

Turtle's Bar and Grill uses only the best Certified Angus Beef patties (according to their menu), cooked to hold their natural juice and served with fries. Or, you can substitute a dinner salad or onion rings for 1.95. Any of their burgers can be served fully loaded with lettuce, tomato and mayo for only .75 more. All of their burgers are served on fresh, soft bakery buns from the Shakopee Bakery. And trust me, these fresh buns are delicious. Plus I like the fact that they are supporting another local business just a few doors down from them.

The Juicy Lucy, thank God that I got a good one today as I am basing this review solely on this visit and this Juicy that sat before me. The cheese, are they just confused or do they really think that adding three different kinds of cheese is the real deal? Well, let me tell you, its just OK. You really cannot tell what kind of cheese is in this thing. It kinda all just runs together with an overwhelming amount of grease. I like the grease and all, but this Juicy is just average. To me, this burger tastes just like that, a burger with some cheese on it. The one thing I particularly like about Turtle's burgers is that you can order them medium and that is exactly what you get. A burger that is cooked the way it should be.

So I just read an article on Twin Cities Metromix and I think it is some of the best advice on this local favorite. "While we appreciate that Target Field tipped their hat to this popular burger, we would have loved to see one of their stuffed burger versions to be closer to the original jucy lucy, which is stuffed with American cheese." My only comment to Metromix is, "Learn how to spell Juicy Lucy"!
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  1. Nice write up.

    I believe Matt's Bar spells their Jucy Lucy with no i.

  2. James, You are correct, Matt's bar cannot spell either.