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With the crappy weather we had this past weekend we loaded up the family in the truck and headed over to the Mall of America for the morning/afternoon. After some shopping and taking the kids to Build A Bear we ended up on the vacant 4th floor for some lunch. We walked into a very tiny restaurant called R.Burger with about two other tables eating lunch at 12:15 on a Saturday afternoon. Every other restaurant on floors 1-3 were already at an estimated hour wait.

We sat ourselves and were greeted right away with menus. I ordered the Blue Lucy Burger ($8.75) while the wife ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger. Everything is A la Carte at this place, which makes this by far the most expensive Lucy experience to date. We also ordered some Fries that were nothing special and actually reminded me of the crappy fries they serve over at Wendy's along with some onion straws that I found be wonderful, but the wife didn't think much of them.

Lets talk about the Blue Lucy Burger. Of all the different Lucy's I have enjoyed over the years, I have never had a blue cheese stuffed burger. I have always been intrigued with this concept since this is what made The Blue Door Pub so famous, but really didn't know what to expect. When the burger arrived, it had that "Fancy" look to it as to why I was paying almost $9 for just a burger. I would have to consider this as being the "Gourmet" Juicy on the current tour. It was oozing grease/cheese out of a few places, it had thick-cut apple smoked bacon and a huge pile of caramelized onions atop. All of this plus what they call R.Sauce on the bun. I took my first bite, and had a hard time putting the thing down, not just because it was pretty tasty, but because this was probably the single most messy Lucy I have ever eaten to date. One thing I must warn you, although nothing on the menu discloses any sign of garlic in the burger, it had a very over powering garlic presence in the blue cheese and/or the burger. Not a bad thing as I love garlic, just would have liked to know ahead of time.

Overall, the fries were not worth $1 let alone the $3.50 I paid. The onion straws were well worth the $3.75 and the beer sucked...$5.75 for a pint of Miller Light. But the Juicy itself was worth every penny it cost me that day. The combination of garlic, blue cheese and onions along with the very present apple smoked bacon made for all the right things going on in a single bite. I can't wait to get over to the Blue Door Pub and try out the Blucy after visiting R.Burger at the MOA. Next time I am at the MOA and I cannot talk my wife into hoping on the LRT to visit Cardinal Tavern, I will stop at R.Burger for a Blue Lucy and some onion straws. Just thinking about the garlic and blue cheese right now is making me very hungry for another.

The "Gourmet" Lucy idea however, I am still not sold 100% on. This culinary art form that we call "The Juicy Lucy" was meant to be a cheap dining experience while chugging a few beers with your family and friends. I know of three more stops coming up that will be classified as a "Gourmet" or "Fancy" Juicy simply due to the fact that one is served on Kobe and the other is at Murray's Steak House. R.Burger serves up some Kobe beef, wonder if they will make a Lucy out of it for me next time?
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