Gold Nugget: Hopkins

Friday afternoon a friend and I headed over to the newly renovated Gold Nugget for the closest Juicy Lucy we could find to Chanhassen. After navigating a few back roads and consulting his iPhone, we finally arrived to a nice little strip mall with some apartments/condos above the local businesses.

After being seated and ordering our beverage of choice, we placed our food order. Me, Jalapeno Juicy Lucy, raw onion and O'rings. C, Jalapeno Juicy Lucy, fried onions and O'rings. I threw in an order for the Signature Gold Nuggets as well. Not having any idea what the heck they were, I just saw at a quick glance that they had tater tots. When asked if I could substitute for my fries, I was told "NO"! So I just ordered some up as they intended me to. Good job on up-selling your menu to the impulsive shopper when it comes to grease. The Nuggets are described as so: Signature Gold Nuggets-Chive and cheddar-filled homemade tater tots served with bacon and chive dipping sauce.

After a short wait, the Gold Nuggets arrived. Still not having any idea what to expect, we both dug in and we were both, for the most part, thoroughly impressed whit what we had before us. It was kinda like your Sunday hash browns wrapped around a piece of cheese then battered and deep fried. It was served with a sauce that was a little different. C was not impressed by the sauce because as you could tell, they tried to add some kind of citrus and oil that had separated, but I didn't mind it. More bacon and less citrus would have been better. The thing I liked about the Gold Nuggets was they reminded me of exactly why I even walked through the door in the first place, the Juicy Lucy. It was like a Tater Tot on steroids trying to look-up to his big sister, Lucy that was on the next page.

Speaking of Lucy, she arrived just a few minutes later with a pile of O'rings piled next to her. Not knowing what to expect as the menu does not describe what kind of cheese was included, we didn't even know if it would have jalapenos in it or not. It was kinda like the mystery Lucy just waiting for us to take our first bite. We picked it up and there it was. Pepper Jack cheese along with what I believe to be fresh jalapenos finely chopped. C on the other hand found nothing. It took me a few bites to get to the cheese and a few more to get to the spice, but C's was just burger. At the end, he finally found some jalapenos, but he is still looking for the cheese.

That is the things with a Lucy, sometimes you can cook out all the cheese on the grill and there is nothing that you can do. I don't think he was overly upset as I do have to say, the burger itself was mighty tasty. He agreed, and we both managed to finish the whole thing. Did I mention that this was one of the largest Lucy's I have come across as well?

Overall, this was one damn good Lucy and I will find myself back here again with the family. This was the first Lucy with pepper jack cheese that wasn't stringy and had a nice gooey consistency to the inside. Next time, I will try to request plain American cheese and see if I get turned down like I did on the tater tots as a substitution.

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