Galaxie Diner: Apple Valley, MN

A new Juicy Lucy has arrived in Apple Valley, MN. The Juicy Cheesy Galaxie, a 1/2 Lb. burger stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped with more cheese, served with fries for $7.75. This is the co-partner Juicy Lucy to the Juicy Suzy over at Cahill Diner in Inver Grove Heights. Saturday afternoon after a visit to Northern Brewer over on Grand Ave. I asked the wife if we could go try out this new Juicy Lucy for lunch. She agreed and we were on our way.

We arrived at a packed house around 11:30 AM and were told it would be about a 15 minute wait. We made our way over to a lounge area located at the center of a very small restaurant and waited for a table to clear. While waiting I was wondering why on earth would they take up so much valuable table space with a lounge when the atrium separating Galaxie Diner from Kami's Japanese Steakhouse provided a very nice area to wait or enjoy a cup of Joe. About 10 minutes had passed and our table was ready. By this time another 10 or so people were also waiting for a table to open up. We were greeted by our waitress immediately to take our drink order. Before the waitress came back with our drinks, another two tables had been seated just behind us. We placed our food order (exactly at 11:50 AM) and prior to turning our ticket into the kitchen, the waitress greeted and took drink orders for these two tables.

Malts were delivered to one table behind us while my wife, who ordered a strawberry malt 5 minutes before this table even ordered, still had no malt. Another 10 minutes had passed and finally the strawberry malt arrived. She shared what was in the shiny silver malt tin with my two young children while we waited for our food to arrive. Once they got to the bottom, she noticed about a 1" layer clump of malt powder. While that would have grossed me out, she was OK with it as she could eat malt powder right out of the container.

So how was Galxie Diner's version of the Juicy Lucy aka the Juicy Cheesy Galaxie? I still don't know. At 12:50(exactly one hour after our food order was taken) we were still waiting for our food to arrive and we hadn't seen our waitress in nearly 30 minutes. Anyone with small children knows how painful this can be. I started to get antsy and took a walk around the restaurant to see if I could see what the delay was. I walked past the open grill and noticed that not one single thing was on it. The man standing in front of the grill had maybe 4 or 5 tickets hanging from a string above and looked extremely confused. It appeared that he was cooking one ticket at a time. I proceeded to return to our table and noticed our waitress bringing food to one of the tables behind us (who ordered about 15 minutes after we did). When she walked past us I attempted to flag her down. On my second attempt, I finally got her attention and simply asked if it was going to be much longer. She replied that the kitchen was really backed-up at the moment an offered no ETA on our food. After I mentioned to her that we had been waiting more than an hour since placing our order, she simply asked if we would like for her to cancel our order. As you can see from the picture above, we took her up on her offer and made our way across the street to Culver's as we were left with no other options.

Upon getting our coats on and bundling up our children, several other tables were asking us what "THEY" said. We told them the situation and three other tables followed us to the door. By this time, about 15 other people were waiting for a table and were being told that it was going to be a 35-45 minute wait. We did not end up having to pay for the Malt or the beverages. I offered to pay and our waitress replied "don't even worry about it". If you ask my wife, she feels that I should send the owners of Galaxie Diner an invoice for the 90 minutes of our time that were wasted and and that we will never get back.

My wife, 5 months pregnant and extremely upset by this time, had a few nasty words of constructive criticism with a few of the others heading for the door. "This place is never going to make it", were the words I heard as we walked through the doors by another party. I will never get my wife to return to Galaxie Diner to give them a second chance. Me on the other hand, I would like to return at a later date for a second attempt on trying this Juicy Cheesy Galaxie to see how it compares to others (don't tell my wife). The question is, will my return be soon enough or will the windows be dark and the doors locked by the time I get a chance to return?

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  1. I have had nothing buexcellent service and food from this diner. I'm picky and this place is on my top 3 for apple valley rosemount area