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Friday night I decided to go out for a Juicy Lucy and a few beers. Although, not my first choice for a Juicy, it is rather convenient to home. The Buffalo Tap located in Savage, MN has been a local hang out for me for the past two plus years. They have great beer specials for Happy Hour ($1 Bud 10 oz Tap or Miller Lite Pint for $2) and self proclaimed "The home of the Best Juicy Lucy" according to the new sign hanging out front. Now onto the Juicy...

The Buffalo Tap has 10 different Juicy's to pick from ranging from the traditional "TAP" Lucy to one made of Buffalo meat with all the trimmings. Everyone's opinion of what a Juicy Lucy should be is different so why not put 10 of them on the menu? Me, I just like the basic American cheese with Raw Onions. So what did I do, I decided I would try the El Diablo Juicy Lucy w/Onion Rings. As written on the white board behind the host stand featuring the daily specials (not really sure why the have specials, as the specials are either the same price or more than the regular menu price).

The El Diablo Juicy Lucy, Fired-up with Jalapeno Bacon, topped with Pepperjack Cheese, sliced Jalapeno's, Spicy BBQ Sauce and your choice of American or Pepperjack Cheese on the inside. I obviously ordered mine with American cheese as I have never enjoyed a Lucy with any other kind. When the food arrived I could see that something was wrong. But was it just from the extra cheese that was placed on-top of the burger or could it...yes, they stuffed it with Pepperjack cheese. I say no big deal, I am not going to send it back as I do not believe in sending food back. (Ever seen the movie Road Trip? Pancakes with or without powdered sugar.) I have had pepperjack Lucy's before and they weren't terrible, they just don't get all gooey on you as the cheese tends to not melt as well as American. I started with the Onion Rings while I waited for the Juicy Lucy to cool down. Finally I had cleared enough room in my basket to pick-up the El Diablo and see what this thing was all about. I have had Juicy Lucy's at the Buffalo Tap many times before. Some good, some OK and some absolutely terrible. In fact, the very first Juicy I had here was about three years ago and I ordered the "Big" Juicy Lucy, more than 3/4 pounds of meat stuffed full with cheese. Well, mine had no cheese and when pointed out to our server, he just kinda looked at it and walked away. It was also about a year before I returned to give them another try after this experience.

I don't like to talk bad about food. The part about negative opinions on a specific meal or restaurant is just that, one persons opinion. The question I either think in my head or ask is, "Was it really that bad? I mean, you managed to eat the whole thing, it couldn't have been that bad then? Right?" With that said, I managed to eat the whole thing so it couldn't have been that bad. But, it was probably the single worst Juicy Lucy I have ever experienced in my life. The meat was so over cooked that it was like eating a hockey puck. This is a common problem with the Buffalo Tap, they ask you how you would like your burger cooked, but they only know how to cook one way, "well done" and I mean the driest, nastiest ground chuck you could possibly imagine between your lips dry. No wonder why most of the burgers offered here come with so many "extras".

One the positive side the Bud Light tap was mighty tasty. I have never had a bad beer at this fine establishment. Like I mentioned above, this is a great restaurant for some great beer specials. Self proclaimed "Home to the Worlds Greatest Juicy Lucy", I think not. Will I return here again, yes. Will I stick with the Extra Spicy Philly Cheesesteak, probably. Off to find another Juicy Lucy worth comparing to the 5-8 Club. (does one even exist?)
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